Common IP Camera Address URLs (ManyCam Windows)

January 14th, 2015


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When trying to add your IP camera as a video source in  ManyCam, you may receive the following error message: “IP camera is not responding”. This might be due to an invalid IP camera URL. To help you connect to your IP camera and use it as a video source, we’ve put together a small list of common IP cameras and the IP address URLs that seem to work the most often for them. We hope this helps!




















If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at

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ManyCam Mac 3.0.11 Is Now Available

December 24th, 2014



ManyCam 3.0.11 for Mac is now available for download on our website. This update includes Mac OS 10.9.5 Mavericks and Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite support along with other stability improvements and bug fixes. We’d like to thank all our users who have contacted us to report problems so we could fix them and continue to improve our software. If you find a problem with ManyCam please report it to our helpdesk so we can fix it in future releases.

Happy Holidays!

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ManyCam 4.1 and ManyCam Enterprise are now available! (Windows)

December 22nd, 2014


ManyCam 4.1 is now available for download on our website!  This new version fixes the issue some users were having with YouTube links and includes some cool new feature enhancements along with several other bug fixes and stability improvements.

We’ve also launched ManyCam Enterprise for Windows. Enterprise users not only get access to all Pro features, but can activate ManyCam Enterprise on up to 5 different computers, can stream to multiple RTMP servers simultaneously, and get unlimited H264 IP camera support.

Here’s a full list of what’s new in ManyCam 4.1:

Recording feature enhancement:

  • Custom audio and video bitrates

Desktop Capture enhancements:

  • New Window Selector feature. (Pro & Enterprise only)
  • New Custom Area feature (movable canvas). (Pro & Enterprise only)
  • Desktop Zoom feature. (Pro & Enterprise only)

RTMP feature enhancements:

  • Create and save a list of RTMP servers that you often use for broadcasting (Pro & Enterprise only)
  • Broadcast to multiple RTMP simultaneously (Enterprise only)

IP camera support:

  • H264 support for IP cameras (Enterprise only)

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Also, make sure to take advantage of our Holiday Promotion and upgrade to ManyCam Pro or Enterprise for 20% Off! Visit our website for details.

ManyCam 4.0.110 for Windows is Now Available

October 7th, 2014




ManyCam 4.0.110 for Windows is now available for download. This new version comes with two cool new features in the Time tab:

New Countdown Timer –  Add a countdown to your live broadcast, so your viewers know when it’s about to start! Choose from a wide selection of timers, in different colors and sizes. Learn how to use the Countdown Timer by watching our How-To video.

New Stopwatch feature – Add a stopwatch to your broadcasts and recorded videos. The stopwatch also comes in different colors and sizes! Learn how to use this feature by watching our How-To video.

In this version, users will also be happy to learn that the Watermark can once again be removed for free. We’ve also made some audio playlist improvements and fixed a few bugs that were reported by our users.

Download ManyCam 4.0.110 today!


ManyCam Mac 3.0 is Now Available!

September 29th, 2014


We are very excited to announce that ManyCam 3.0 for Mac is officially available for download on our website. This major new version includes many awesome new features such as:

A totally new user-interface: ManyCam for Mac’s new user-interface is more responsive and intuitive. Much like our Windows software, everything is now organized under three tabs – Video, Effects and Gallery.

Multiple video screens and input sources: We have added multiple video screens and input sources, allowing users to quickly switch between video screens and sources with our live video studio switcher. Input sources include web camera, desktop capture, media files, and blank images.

New Gallery Feature: Easily access your saved videos and images in the new Gallery tab!

New Favorites Feature: Drag and drop frequently used effects to the favorites area for quick and easy access!

Search Feature: Look for effects, pictures or videos by typing in the new ManyCam search box.

New video options: We have added several new video resolution options, video playlists and pre-sets as well as transitional layers.

Picture-in-Picture modes: As seen in our Windows software, ManyCam Mac users can now take advantage of new Picture-in-Picture modes.

Lower Thirds: Your broadcasts and videos will look more professional with our new Lower Thirds feature!

New and improved effects: Not only did we add a new effect category – Emoticons, but all effects found on our website can now be used on both Windows and Mac versions of ManyCam. You can also create your own effects and download them directly to your computer.

There are also many other small changes and bug fixes that are available on the detailed change list.

Download ManyCam 3.0 for Mac Today!

ManyCam 3.0 Pro for Mac is also now available and allows users to unlock more video screens and video sources, HD resolutions, picture-in-picture modes and much more! We are even offering 20% Off ManyCam Pro for Mac for a limited time only. Check out our website for more details.

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Please note that ManyCam Mac 3 is not compatible with older versions of ManyCam Mac Pro. If you are already a ManyCam Mac Pro user for version 2, you will need to purchase a new activation code for version 3.

Current ManyCam Mac Pro users can upgrade for 50% off, just enter your current activation code at checkout! Click Here to Upgrade.


Use ManyCam to Broadcast Live on Twitch, USTREAM and YouTube Live Events

September 15th, 2014


With ManyCam’s RTMP feature, you can now broadcast live to sites like Twitch, USTREAM and YouTube Live Events! To start a live broadcast, you just need to know the server’s address and stream key. Check out our guidelines for more information on how to set up your broadcast: 

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Use ManyCam to Chat With Multiple People Simultaneously

September 12th, 2014


Many of our users like to use ManyCam to live video chat with others because you can add cool webcam effects and graphics to your video stream. But did you know that ManyCam got its name from its ability to split webcams between many applications and websites simultaneously? This means you can video chat with several different people all at the same time! If you choose ManyCam as your video source,  you can use Skype, Chatroulette, Omegle, Ustream and any other video chat service concurrently to reach many different viewers.

Learn how to set ManyCam as your video source by checking out our guide on our website:

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ManyCam 4.0.109 for Windows is Now Available

August 7th, 2014


ManyCam 4.0.109 is now available for download. This version of ManyCam includes a new RTMP feature that allows you to broadcast directly on Twitch, Ustream and YouTube live events. Learn how to use our RTMP feature here.

We’ve also added 60 fps support, and fixed several bugs that were reported to us by our users such as the errors occurring when switching movies in the playlist, problems with audio clicks, and the system sound microphone for some audio cards. Upgrade your ManyCam software today!



ManyCam Survey

June 19th, 2014


Please take a few minutes to fill out our ManyCam survey to help us improve our product.

Free users:

Pro users:

ManyCam 4.0.97 and ManyCam Mobile Source App are now available!

June 4th, 2014


We are pleased to announce that our newest update, ManyCam 4.0.97 is officially available for download. This new version includes several awesome new features such as YouTube integration and mobile capabilities.

In this update, we’ve added YouTube as a video source option, where you can stream and broadcast your favorite videos found on YouTube more easily, just by entering the video URL. Also, we’ve added YouTube as one of the “Share” options, so you can record your own videos and upload them to YouTube directly from ManyCam,

We are also very excited to announce the release of the ManyCam Mobile Source App for Android! By downloading the mobile app, you can record live videos on the go, away from your computer and stream directly to ManyCam using your phone. Connecting to ManyCam with your phone is easy, simply enter the 4 digit code that pops up when you open the app, or use a QR code scanner, and you are ready to roll!

The ManyCam Mobile Source for Android is free and available for download on Google Play.

We’ll soon be updating our website with more “How To” videos to show you how to use the YouTube features and the mobile app, so make sure to visit regularly.

Download ManyCam 4.0.97 today!