AVG ManyCam False Positive Warning

We have read several reports from users that AVG Antivirus is falsely reporting that ManyCam is a virus and this false report can block ManyCam from starting. Unfortunately this is not the first time AVG has falsely reported popular software as a virus.  AVG has reported World of Warcraft, Google Desktop, and even the Windows operating system itself as a virus!  If AVG has falsely reported that Windows is a virus and it damaged your computer there is a fix available here.

To uninstall AVG go to add/remove programs in the Windows control panel.  There are many other free antivirus software products that are available like Kaspersky or Avast that will allow you to use our ManyCam software.

4 Responses

i have poblem about the manycam when i download it in my mac computer its not working then i remove the manycam then when i uninstall the manycam my personal webcam is not working anymore and when i invite my friend in my cam its always show the screen manycam.com and when i ask my friend if she see me she told me its black i dont see anything…pls help

Shelia 9 years ago

ZoneAlarm detected 2 trojans while I was upgrading to ManyCam2.4 too, and now I keep getting error messages when I boot up… it’s looking for an installation disc. How do I completely get rid of 2.4 and go back to using 2.3?

ameeshia 9 years ago

I have Mcafee and it has been reporting ManyCam as a spyware since I downloaded it a long while ago.

Because of this I kept my use of ManyCam to a minimum.

However, my friend recently downloaded it and said the site here mentions Spyware free. Is there a difference in versions?

I am currently running version 2.3.

Thanks for the assistance.

hi! what version of manycam compatible for my mac os x 10.4.11. anyone can help? tnx..