Happy Halloween with ManyCam!

Planning on creeping out your webcam friends for Halloween?  ManyCam is here to help!  Download ManyCam and then search the free effects library for halloween, skulls, and more spooky webcam effects.

Happy Halloween!

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I note the operating system requirements for Manycam is WinXP, 2000 and Vista – but not Win7? Is Manycam compatible w/Win7?

In 2.6.1 version I can’t use the loop option as I did before.

If I have several videos in my recent list, manycam plays them one after the other even if I have the loop button on.
If I have just one video in there, the loop butto works.

Thank you!

my manycam 2.6.1 dont inistal effect

error manycam can’t open the effect

effect= http://download.manycam.com/effects/info/?e=12162

help me pls

Mathew 7 years ago

I have ManyCam version 2.6.0 installed on XP Prof and it is AWESOME! But ever since I upgraded, it doesn’t work with Google Video Chat! It always used to. I have a hard time believing it doesn’t work with one of the most popular video chat programs out there so I’m wondering what is going on. Gmail>Settings>Chat>Verify Settings does indeed have “ManyCam Video Source” in the dropdown menu of available webcams but when I select it all I see is a black screen. Is this a known issue?

Can someone please help me… I keep getting a message that says I need to update.. I go to the many cam web page and no where is there an update only.

When I click the download (not update) it wants me to uninstall the version I have now.. which I do not want to do because I have a slide show with several pictures that took a lot of work to crop each pictures for it to fit the size for many cam.

I tried to the so call “email address” for many cam and it keeps giving me incorrect email address notice!!!

Is there anyone who can help ?? I would appreciate some help in this matter it is very much appreciated!!

Thank you!!

Patrick H 7 years ago

I do not think that the current version of Yahoo Messenger can detect manycam. Is this something you will be able to fix?

major problems since the update,…cant get it to work

Manycam 2.6.1 version downloaded today. (1) It puts a huge load on my CPU and RAM, slowing the webcam refresh rate from 15/sec to about 2.5/sec. (2) Will not work with stickam chat, which seems to default to Windows webcam control with my system (3) seems not to work on camstreams. The effects, when seen on my own computer, are great, and if it worked properly I would have no hesitation in recommending it. Such a disappointment, as it apparently works so well on some computers. Mine is XP OS, Pentium 4, 1.8 Gigs clock, 1.2 (I think) gig RAM. Can’t use the program. Will have to uninstall.

I look forward to the next version, which I’ll have no hesitation in trying, but for the moment, I can only put this in the “promising” category.

Best wishes to all – and I’ll stay tuned for further developments – Chris.