Happy Valentine’s Day!

gifticon03_valentLooking to add a little Valentine love to your webcam on this special day?  You’re in luck!  ManyCam users all over the world have already submitted a bunch of heart and Valentine’s Day related graphics for you to add to your video.

Try searching the ManyCam Effects Library for valentine, heart, or love to see some fun Valentine related graphics.

Are you having a sad Valentine’s Day?  No problem, you can always put on a skull mask instead to show your displeasure with the holiday.

We hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!  Watch out for scary skull masks. 🙂

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Sam Brown 9 years ago

Hi there
I expect this is going to be posted to completely the wrong section so i’d appreciate it if someone could kindly move it to the right place.

I had a problem with manycam using the background replacement thing and I saw someone on this forum with the same problem. It keeps popping up with a “please make your snapshot for your background again!”.
It seems that if you have the SOURCE camera setting to flip the picture LEFT-RIGHT, this only works for the video preview, and not for the SNAPSHOT taking part of the program.
Therefore if you have this set to flip the image and take a snapshot, the background will be a mirror of the image being streamed from the hardware webcam, and the program will get confused and complain that the background isn’t suitable for replacement.
This doesn’t appear to be in the documentation but take my word for it, that is one of the causes 🙂 So flip the image back to being erm.. well, unflipped and then take a snapshot, it’ll work.

Love this program, well done and thanks to the team who developed it – very much appreciated!

Kind regards,