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We’ve recently added a FAQ to our Help section on our website. Now, our users can find quick answers to a question or problem they may have when using ManyCam. We are constantly updating this section of the website with answers to the most frequent questions received. We’ll also update some of the information already on there as new versions are released. So make sure to check this page out on a regular basis.

To find the page, simply click on the Help tab and click on the link that says ManyCam FAQ.

If your question is not listed on this page, or if you need further information and assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Help Desk & Support!


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45 Responses

Phil G 5 years ago

Hi, I downloaded the Manycam app but it won’t work with Mac os x 10.6
Do I need 10. 7 to be able to use your product?


Hi Phil G,

Yes the system requirements for Mac are the following:

System Requirements:
MacOS X 10.7, MacOS X 10.8, MacOS X 10.9
Intel Mac only

Antonis 5 years ago


I downloaded ManyCam to test it before purchase

Keep getting the same message when I try to select ManyCam on skype:
“Can’t start video. Try closing other programs that might be using your webcam”.

I have tried everything to resolve the problem

1. Uninstall and re install skype and manycam in all possible sequences (first skype then manycam, vice versa, etc..)
2. I have tried previous versions for both skype and manycam and in all possible combinations without a result
3. I have tried manually removing drivers and re-installing drivers
4. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing ASUS AI suite

Many thanks in advance for your help

ASUS Netbook S500C
Intel Core processor i5-3317U with 8GB memory
Built-in USB camera with standard windows driver
OS Windows 8.1 64-bit Version 6.3 (Build 9600)
ManyCam 4.0.77

Hi Antonis, we’ve received your email at helpdesk@manycam.com and have responded there. Thanks!

Luiggi 5 years ago

How can I add audio effects? I didn’t found any option


In the Audio tab, you will see an option to add a microphone. Once you add a microphone you will have options to add audio effects. You will see the effects icon to the right of your Microphone name.

Hope this helps.

how i can create lower third by own ? mclt file i didnt found in network

Hello…I downloaded Manycam because a friend of mine uses it on Singsnap and I wanted to purchase it also, but for some reason it doesn’t work for me. I can see myself on the manycam screen, but when I open up Singsnap all I get is a dark blue screen. I have selected the manycam as my camera but it doesn’t work 🙁 Please help!!! Thank you

salman 5 years ago

hi, i want ask went i record video with manycam, went i want to edit with other software, the sound and video not parallel. is codec problem?

Aida – are you using the Windows version? SingSnap probably a Flash based website, you should make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash and try again. If that doesn’t work you can contact helpdesk@manycam.com.

Salman – what other software are you using to edit your videos?

error installing on win 7 x64.. appcrash

error installing using win 7 x64.. appcrashed..is there an offline installer?

Fang – can you please email helpdesk@manycam.com with a screenshot of the error you receive when you try installing?

Dennis 5 years ago

Hello admin,
do you know if they will change the pause-option I brought up in this blogpost?


It would be a great help for me (and I dont think anyone would object)


hi, how i can delete black lines on top and bottom of the screen when i crop a custom area on desktop options, im trying to record a video but i dont like this black lines : /

can i delete it? or use an older version omegle without it


Paul – try changing the resolution on the “Image” tab, sometimes this helps remove the black lines.

Everytime i download Manycam i get an error that says

Manycam has stopped working

Everytime i download manycam i get an error saying

Manycam has stopped working

What is the problem

I recently got a mac. Before, I had just used a regular laptop and really enjoyed the picture in picture option. I didn’t find that in the free version for mac. Am I overlooking it or will you be adding it?

On previous manycam version i was able to remove the logo and now with 4.0.97 i can’t do it anymore

Are you still replying to support emails sent to your helpdesk@manycam.com address? Sent a question in over a week ago (concerning why the Shuffle mode in the Playlist doesn’t seem to be working in the current version) and never received a response; usually I’ve received replies promptly in the past.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Ava we are working on another Mac update to include more of the features found in the Windows version.

Har – yes we still answer our support emails. You should receive a response shortly.

Hello, I use Manycam on a radio station with image. The Manycam I have it installed on a pc which I pass by a streaming server. That PC I connect the audio output to a mixing board (console) and thus to the audio input of your PC. Everything works perfect but when I want to record the video in manycam with external audio mixer doubles me the audio from this video to air. How I can fix this?
Thank you!

franco 5 years ago

Lower thirds… just 2? whats mclt inside? some kind of flash file?
Is there a way to get more, or create it?

Then, why not a pos/size controls? Any chance of being affected by a global fx?

Franco, manycam Pro provides more lower third options. We are also planning on creating more designs and will upload them to our Effects page for users to download.

Hello, i upgraded manycam to manycam pro today and it keeps blocking and shows me this message…”ManyCam Virtual Webcam has stopped working.A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available”. Please advice because it’s very annoying and i have no idea what i should do ,so i can make it work properly. i’m using a laptop, HP ProBook 450 G1, processor: Intel(R)Core(TM)i5-4200M CPU@2.50GHz 2.50 GHz,Installed memory 8.00GB, system type 64-bit operating system. Thank you in advance

I would like to install the free version on a computer that does not have internet access, but I’ve noticed there seems to be only ‘web-installer’ versions of your program. Would you happen to have a complete executable for download? Thanks!

Hey! I have a little issue with my manycam pro software. I recently updated to version 4.0.97, when I add the microphone to the broadcast image when I record I can hear a bit of static. I have tried uninstall and reinstall but nothing seems to work. I run a radio station with professional equipment and need a solution for my issue.

I am pasting a link for you to hear the noise.


Hope you guys can help me!!


When I try to copy and paste in the You tube field I get a invalid source error
also if I try to use one of my own media files it shuts down the whole Manycam program, Do you have to have Manycam Pro to do these task?
or how do you fix this?

Seen good reviews for your product but would like to see these features
work before I buy.

When is the next 1/2 off sale for Manycam Pro or where can i get a
discount code? LOL

Ken – you can email our help desk for a direct link.

Jorge – the most recent version fixes the audio bugs.

Bubba – we will investigate the issues you are having with YouTube links. You don’t need to have Pro to do this.

Jonathan 5 years ago

I have a pro account. I think I have a problem because when I try to get effects I can download all of them but only the pro effects load into the menu. I can download the one the are not pro but they work not even when I try to add them manually. Is that how this work? Why can I make the non-pro items work?

We are attempting to use ManyCam to combine multiple webcam images together in a virtual video feed for Microsoft Lync 2013. Lync can see the virtual webcam and also see the video preview once it is set. The feed fails/locks-up once a video conference begins. Any advice on setting this up to work would be appreciated.


How can i used manycam as my connections in to my frend?

I have used many cam on Skype lots of times but today i tried to access it after a month or so and it wasn’t in the drop down menu in preferences in Skype. I restarted Skype a couple of times and i still couldn’t find it and i restarted my lap top still nothing. Can you tell me how to use manycam on Skype?

I have a mac book pro 10.9.4 version and my Skype is up to date with updates

@Eric, I’m seeing exactly same behavior on Lync 2013 running on Windows 8.1. Looks fine in the preview, but when the stream goes “live” it stops on a freeze frame in Lync.

Hi — I want to add my office’s ip camera, but when I click on the “1” in the live window on the right under the video tab, I don’t have an option to add any camera. There is no “sources tab” as described in the instructions. I’m using a MacBook Pro with OS 10.8.5. When I opened ManyCam for the first time, I’m presented with a window and at the top I see 4 tabs – Video, Effects, Gallery and GetManyCam Pro. I watched the you-tube video on how to add an ip camera, but as I said, there doesn’t appear to be a place to add a source. Is this a feature that was removed? I’d like to use this software for a meeting that’s coming up in a couple of days and would be happy to upgrade to Pro if I can get it working. Thank you for your time.

Hi Gina – unfortunately the IP camera feature is only available in the Windows version of ManyCam. We plan to add this in future versions of ManyCam for Mac.

MamaRedHot 5 years ago

I’m trying to split screen for the first time and i’m getting an awful audio feedback and echo every time i go live on both sites. Advice?

Prisill 5 years ago

Manycam suddenly closes my Skype application after a min or 2 when I use it on there. Whats the problem?

*Using MacBook Pro*

Anthony Stanley 5 years ago

I just upgraded to ManyCam Pro and would like to be able to put an analog clock in my recordings but it seems that the only option I have is the digital clock. The version I have is the ManyCam Virtual Webcam that I got from your website so that I could try it out. I liked it so I upgraded to pro version thinking that it was required for the analog clock. I watched a video on your program with version 4.0.52 that showed the analog clocks but I can’t find them in the version I have. How do I get the analog clocks?

I recently made a video on ManyCam. I’m trying to open that video, but the only that I see is “Invalid File” and a black screen. Other videos work just fine, though they are much shorter than this video was (it was about 20min long). I cannot open it anywhere and it’s 5.5GB. I thought it was a missing Codecs problem, but after checking my version (newest 4.0) and installing codecs packs, installing all kinds of repair tools and video converters, file converters, etc… None of them would open this file. What happened? I emailed support but never heard back.

Etant client de votre logiciel manycam 4.1

Super Enfin le RTMP de la dernière version de manycam 4.1 fonctionne très bien avec tout les les serveurs de diffusion rtmp !

Sauf qu’i y a un petit point il faudrait réglé c’est qu’on puisse rajouter des images en png et gif pour l’utiliser en logo et éviter d”utiliser le format .mcv

et le 2ième point et de diminuer le prix manycam Entreprise pour les clients de Manycam !

c’est un peux trop cher 120 $

Moi je possede la derniere version de télestream wirecast 6.01 j’ai payé 240 $ en upgrade en tant que client au lieu de 995.00 $ pour un nouveau client !

Cordialement :
Belbachir Amirouche

I have the same issue listed as one listed above, but you replied by email and I cannot figure out how to fix it, so I wanted to leave my question here.

When I start ManyCam, I get the error, “Can’t start video. Try closing other programs that might be using your webcam”. I can run Skype with my webcam, but not ManyCam or any flash-based software.

I was also unable to find any software using my camera when I used Process Explorer, and I even tried ending every process I was able to in the Windows Task Manager.

Thank you for the help

Acer Aspire 5750-9668
Windows 7 64-bit
Integrated Camera

Hi Jason, can you try uninstalling and re-installing ManyCam?