Introducing our new webcam effects creation tool!



We are pleased to announce that our new Webcam Effects Creation tool is now available to  use on our website! Our new  platform allows you to easily create your own custom webcam effects such as backgrounds, face accessories, objects and other cool graphics. You can share your custom effects by uploading to our library or you can simply download them directly onto your computer. Try creating your own custom effects today and let us know what you think!

Please note: this feature is only available for version 4.0.52 or later.


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hi i am new to manycams

Dennis 5 years ago

Hello, I have a request..

When you pause a video, can you make it that the output (thus what the other people see) stays paused when you skip through the movie untill you hit play again?

I ask this because I use manycam to do sort of presentations, as a computerhelpdesk, I give short courses online, I used to discuss articles with the people over chat but I noticed that it is hard to keep track if they are reading the same thing at the same time.

So I made some small animations, where text keeps appearing, I bundled them in a video that I can play, and I pause the video at the end of ‘that page’ so they can finish reading it.

However, when I want to skip further through the video, I noticed that the paused cam also skips through. So the people get confused.

I have to add that I used Broadcaster Studio pro before, they had this feature (paused video stays paused untill you hit play) but their program gives me a bluescreen of death. Manycam seems much more stable.

Anyway, if possible, it would be a great help for me.

Hi Dennis, thanks for the feedback, I’ll pass along this suggestion to my team!

Hi, I tried using this new effect creator to create custom effect with ManyCam 4, but every time I pick an image it doesn’t come up right, the rotation of the picture is all wrong, as in if you pick a picture of you, and a friend standing side by side, left to right, when you load it to make an effect, it’s rotated so one person is on the top, and one is on the bottom, like you’ve stood a normal picture on its side. and it won’t let me rotate it so it’s right. I’ve tried rotating the picture to counter act the loading rotation with no effect. Any help with this would be great.

Disregard last post, I figured it out.