Live Stream with ManyCam 5.6 from your Xbox or Playstation!


Hello ManyCamers,

We’ve juste launched version 5.6 for Windows, which allows you to live Stream with ManyCam from your Xbox or Playstation, as well as share your devices with friends!

We’re also celebrating Christmas by offering up to 40% off the regular price!

Stream using your Xbox & Playstation!

We’ve added support for video capture cards, so now you can stream video from your favorite consoles directly to your favorite platforms using ManyCam!




Invite your friends to join your streams!

You can now invite your friends to join your streams by using their smartphones as cameras! Just have them download the ManyCam Mobile App and create an account. They can then go to their ManyCam account page and click “Share This Device” next to the device they want you to use during your stream!



Hurry, Christmas promo ends soon!

ManyCam 5.6 is a free update for current ManyCam 5 users.

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what about the feature that mac users have been asking for forever!
Im talking about the:
Custom Cam Source Name feature.

None of the staff even bothers to answer about that.

ibrahim benkamou 2 years ago

Très bon

i have manycan, after awhile of 1-2-2017) it coming up just fine, it now pops up this error “there is no disk in the drive. please insert a disk into drive D: ,

Hi, Please send an email to They will be able to assist you. Thanks

Hi John,

We’re currently working on this and should be available soon.


installed 5.6 it stays open for a few minutes and then freezes and shuts down ….thanks

Laurie 2 years ago

So where is the update link? How do I update? I have 2 licenses and no where on your site is there a link for a update. There is no update feature on the software either. This is crazy!

waa tijaabo

Live Video Streaming Made Easy.

Hi, here are some live streaming applications –

Sal DAlessio 1 year ago

I keep getting the “There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive D” error. It’s very frustrating, how can I correct this?

Debra A Goecker 1 year ago

Help! I have ManyCam 5 and love it. I somehow did something that caused the first 3 of the 12 windows to not be able to load media files. Does anyone have an idea as to what I did wrong and how I can fix it?

Just a head up for those that interested in this update or buying the software. It DOESN’T work with Elgato and ManyCam they won’t support it.

email from ManyCam: “Hi there,
Thank you for your request. Unfortunately Elgato devices are not supported by ManyCam.

Best Regards,
ManyCam Support “

Bruce Stiff 1 year ago

video driver not working in preview build of wndows 16188