ManyCam 1.0 For Mac OS X Released!


ManyCam for Mac OS X was finally released to the public today!   Check out our Download Page to try it out.

ManyCam for Mac has all the same features as the Windows version.  You can use your webcam (iSight or otherwise) with multiple applications.  Video Chat on iChat AV while you stream from or simultaneously chat on Camfrog Video Chat.

Mac users can also create and download graphics from our Effects Area just like Windows users.  Please post your feedback to this blog post, or email our contact page.

Download ManyCam for Mac OS X

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NotCool 9 years ago

Just installed it on a leopard server, now, no more webcam available except manycam and the app won’t launch, lauching from the terminal trace to a bus error…
Wonderful, now I don’t even know how to uninstall.

The Mac version needs to get improved because right now the video is too slow and there is no option for improved quality or for changing resolutions.

The software is fun though. With the mentioned improvements I will love this software even more.

To uninstall go to the ManyCam menu at the top right of your screen and choose “uninstall” or “exit” will also do the same.

george 9 years ago

installed it on a MBP with the lid closed and an external firewire iSight. it deteted the external source initially (2 camera source), but on subsiquent launched, no more ext iSight. ISight not available to iChat anymore, Computer boots and ext iSIght’s green light is lit immediately.

george 9 years ago

odd that it is an app, but doesn’t show up in dock (which I use as an app-switcher). I don’t see the “uninstall” or “exit” commands either in the installer (where it should be) or in the app itself (which lacks a menubar interface providing the Mac standard “quit” pulldown location). It’s also odd that the app can be in the foreground, but not show up in the menubar or app switcher.

Since the installer wrote drivers of some kind needing admin authority, I will go back through the log to find what I need to uninstall that driver and restore function to the external iSIght.

I would recommend that no one install this app until it has a formal uninstall dialogue, especially since it is installing drivers on your Mac.

NotCool 9 years ago

right, except the menu won’t launch


The app has an icon in the top right of the menu bar. Pull down there and choose “uninstall”.

I’ve installed it, it will not run, it exits abnormally with a bus error. But it prevents my iSightCapture from running. All iSightCapture gets is a picture saying “Please start ManyCam”. There is no icon on the menu bar. Hence no uninstall visible. How do I get rid of it?

george 9 years ago

Found it after turning off some of the SystemUIServer displays. It was not visible earlier as it was far enough to the left that the active apps pulldowns were obscuring it. For that reason, I would still recommend including an uninstall pulldown or option in the installer.

george 9 years ago

After running the uninstaller and restarting, (with MBP in closed lid mode and external display and external iSIght) the external iSight pilot light fires up on login, but the external iSight is still not available to iChat as it was before installing manycam. Strangely, the OS see it in “About This Mac”:


Manufacturer: Apple Computer, Inc.
Model: 0x8
GUID: 0xA270000007C89
Maximum Speed: Up to 400 Mb/sec
Connection Speed: Up to 200 Mb/sec
iSight Unit:
Unit Software Version: 0x102
Unit Spec ID: 0xA02D
iSight Unit:
Unit Software Version: 0x10
Unit Spec ID: 0xA27
iSight Unit:
Unit Software Version: 0x11
Unit Spec ID: 0xA27
iSight Unit:
Unit Software Version: 0x12
Unit Spec ID: 0xA27
Product Revision Level: 1.0

Any advice on how to restore previous function?

Thank you for your feedback. We will add an uninstall option to the installer.

Thank you for your efforts in bringing your virtual cam tool to the Mac. After 2 days of attentive testing, I can report that ManyCam for Mac works quite well. The facial tracking is impressive. I fed the tracker a multitude of different facial imagery positionings and it performed strongly by current Mac standards.

If further effect creation capability is planned, I would like to request that compatibility with Quartz Composer be included. Perhaps via a plugin? Quartz Composer compatibility would greatly expand the Effects graphics capability and could also address the apparent issue of the absence of dynamic background encoding capability on the Mac.

Well done and thanks.


We are working on Quartz for the next release. Thanks.

Excellent. Thanks again.

Will the video get faster in the next version and will you add an option for improved quality or for changing resolutions like in the Windows version?

JL Tamez 9 years ago

Hi I would like to thank you for the app, its great, just one issue with the ManyCam Custom Desktop, there is no way of getting the window over the gray area, so even tough it streams just that area, everything is blacked out. Thanks

How do you use ManyCam in iChat? It makes no sense because I want to use the effects while chatting like on MSN in Windows. PLEASE HELP!!!

Thanks for your efforts to bring this technology to Mac users. Cannot get video image to show up in Quicktime when recording in Movie Recording. Only indication of operation is in audio gauge. It does record video and audio, but cannot see in Quicktime during the process, only afterwards. No problem in Skype, except your logo is backwards (can it be removed?)

Would appreciate your help on this. Thanks!


ManyCam 1.0.0 does not work for me.
I have been troubleshooting, but am experiencing the same bus errors that others have been experiencing. The app itself does not seem to be launching at all…
I don’t even see it pop up in the Proc list. HELP!
The Windoze version works fine for me, but I’d really like to use this more, as my MBP is my main workstation.
Thanks for any help.

hi guys, I had to uninstall manycam but it keeps appearing on my skype windows, and I can’t use my webcam, help please…

Try starting the ManyCam application, or uninstall it and reboot.

Michael SF 9 years ago

My son installed manycam then ralizing it blocked skype’s webcam with a \start manycam\, he threw manycam in the trash.
But Skype’s webcam is still blocked with \start manycam\ and I cannot start manycam anymore. How do I complete a clean uninstall?

Michael SF 9 years ago

This is on an iMac:
My son installed manycam then realizing it blocked skype’s webcam with a \start manycam\, he threw manycam in the trash.

But Skype’s webcam is still blocked with \start manycam\ and I cannot start manycam anymore. How do I complete a clean uninstall?

Reinstall, then uninstall by going to the ManyCam menu icon at the top right and choosing “uninstall”.

How do you use this application with the videochat on iChat?

First of all sorry for my english, i’m foreign (italian)
I’m an “old” user of ManyCam windows version that works great !!
Installed ManyCam on my mac about a week ago, it worked fine for few days (exept than iChat won’t recognize the virtual webcam) then stop working, i don’t know why (maybe due to apple software updates??). There are many errorlog messages with the same bus errors i’ve read in previous posts. No more icon on menubar so i can’t uninstall it. Tried moving to trash, my videochat apps still keeping the manycam choice on webcam config but i can only see manycam logo. Re-installing manycam doesn’t fix, we need a step-by-step procedure for complete uninstall. Hope next release coming soon because manycam is a great and very useful software. Thanks and sorry for the long post.


1. Install manycam
2. Once the application open
3. Look up and you will see a very small icon on menu bar
4. Right click then you will see uninstall
5. Click that then its should be fine.

Thank bush for reply.
My problem is ManyCam wont open anymore, i don’t know why, so i can’t see the small icon on menu bar and i can’t choose uninstall from menu. That’s why i’m asking a sort of “step-by-step” uninstall (if possible) or an upgrade for the mac version of software. I apreciate your help, hope admin has something to suggest.
Thanks for help.

Ichat user 9 years ago

I am unable to use Manycam with i chat. When Many cam options are open Ichat will not let me open a video chat and vice versa. Please advise. I like the program as a stand alone effects generator but I am having trouble using I chat with it.
Thank you in advance for your help,

ManyCam will not run. There is no small icon in manu bar. How do I remove Manycam manually? Running iMac with Leopard 10.5.7. Can you provide a stand alone uninstall script?


ManyCam has made iSight unavailable in iChat and Skype. Functioned perfectly before install. Manycam worked in Skype but made camera unavailable even after using the official uninstaller the iSight is no available.

It functions fine in Photobooth and Quicktime Pro… need a fix urgently waiting for a response from Manycam

ok so ive been using manycam for awhile now on my mac but i still cant figure out how to play movies using it! can you tell me how to do that?!

I downloaded manycam and i had internet explorer.As soon as it it was done installing it,my computer crashed and the internet wouldnt work.I could go to my home page and play around with the effects and stuff.But when i went on to the internet,as soon as i clicked the internet symbol,a thing popped up and said, “Internet Explorer has detected a problem and needs to close out.Sorry for the inconveince.”So,do you have to have Windows and Mac to download it?I now have Safari.Could you make it to where you can download it with Safari PLEEEASE?Please and thank you.
—Cassie K.
P.S.-This is my Stickam account.Please notify me for further information

Melanie 9 years ago

I updated ManyCam on mac but now whenever i click on any other window, my webcam turns off
also it doesnt work on AIM, MSN, Stickam or Tokbox
Please help

Doesn’t seem to work under 10.6 (snow leopard) worked perfectly prior to upgrade

Gabriel 9 years ago

I can’t broadcast from USTREAM, and Twitcam with manycam !! I can only choose my camera, how can I choose to broadcast from manycam?

siggybert 9 years ago

when are they finaly gonna update there software for snowleopard?
been mailing then for month now! not even a desent reply!!

It has been out for almost a week. Not sure why you can’t see the article on the Blog index page.

how about a version for MacOS \Tiger\ … the ‘install’ message tells me that ManyCam will not run on my Mac (OS 10.4.8)

Jeffrey 8 years ago

how about a version that works on 10.4 now?

Why can we with 10.4 not install this??? Why is everything ONLY made for 10.5??? I hate Macs!! Can someone please tell me how I can get manycam to work on OS 10.4?

hi…i run manycam on windows XP.i have the video ready in wmv format but it wont play. and everytime i want to browse and select file,it will take like forever and hang till i ctrl+ald+del it. pls help.thanks in advance

I cannot get blogtv to even recognize or acknowledge the existance of many cam please help

typtyphus 8 years ago

Can’t use *.mov or*.avi as background, pictures only.

Okay… I tried downloading it, but my ManyCam.dmg turns into a ManyCam_Installer.pkg and my Adobe 7.0 can’t open it up at all… Do I need a new Mac or do I need to update it or something?

platypussy 8 years ago

Hi there y’all,

I have a problem with manycam I don’t really understand. I have downloaded and installed it. However, when I click the desktop shortcut, Manycam.exe will not open at all ! Plus, I didn’t see the tray icon either. Then I went to chatroulette to see whether the site would connect to Manycam, which it does. But how am I able to play a video or upload a picture for my profile if I can’t open up the exe file to start with ??? Particularly strange, because my firewall has given it permission to connect to the internet. I can’t open it from the start menu either !

kimpossible 8 years ago

you can change what you use for skype in your preferences. you don’t HAVE to use manycam.