ManyCam 2.4.55 (Windows) Released

ManyCam 2.4.55 for Windows is now available for download.  This software update fixes some stability problems some users were having.  We look forward to releasing new ManyCam versions with major new features in 2010.

Download ManyCam (Windows) 2.4.55

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Sharad 8 years ago


No video file will play, any ideas?

I have installed the latest version of K-Lite codec pack.

Running Windows XP.


Thank you very much for ManyCAM! It’s amazing and keep up the good work

How can you get Manycams to play/repeat more then on video at a time. The still images can play mulitple pictures, but how do you get mutliple movies to play and repeat the same way?

Great software amazing features and very simple to use. I have no problems for the past month i have been using it.

hinnerck 8 years ago

Does´nd work with :

“Microsoft LifeCam Cinema” under windows7

in any cam chat rooms…

Can anyone help me?

Just downloaded and installed the latest version (2.4.55) and none of the face effects seem to work, tho the 3-D masks work fine, but slowly.

XP Pro

Thank you so much for both making this app for the mac and PC. I’m having a great time with this app, you don’t wanna know 😉


Please do a version for OS X Tiger! Most apps are compatible with it!

i have a webcam set as my default, but when its not plugged in, i cant use other features that dont require a webcam… infact, it just brings up a dialog box that says that my webcam isnt detected, and when i press ok, it closes it. so if i dont have my webcam, i cant use this app at all… if anyone has any ideas, or if im just retarded, and its an easy fix, please tell me 😛


Maybe I’m dense, but I’ve been stuck with v2.2.75 because I can’t get Text-Over-Video content to do line breaks in any newer version.

I want to overlay a static, multi-line block of text, but hitting carriage return just adds another space and the text stays all on one line, eventually disappearing offscreen with a (…) indicator.

Line breaks do appear if I turn on vertical scrolling, but I don’t want the animation. Any way to do this with static text, or is it a feature you could add?

Love it, works great… I just wish you could make a PLAYLIST, to loop a group of videos. AND, the option to put a countdown/up TIMER on the video for streaming purposes… (i.e) “Currently Playing: The Godfather : 1:16:53 – 8:24:21” <— This would be placed on the video(should be able to configure where its placed etc..)

long story short: Playlist and Timer.

Tobias Lorenz 8 years ago

The Indeo5 codec does not work with Windows 7 and will soon be disabled by Microsoft. It would be great if the program would do without the Indeo5 codec.

Tony thomson 8 years ago

Great software, just wish there was more support for playing more video formats like 3pg, mp4 from moblie phones, flv and mov its a pain having to convert them first before i can show my friends.

Anyone know how to make an animated overlay? ie What is the best format to use for your animation?

domino11 8 years ago

best webcam software i know. (and its free..)
I just got one problem using it with skype:
manycam forces skype to send video as widescreen (720×480)
what distorts the image. Known problem/solution?

Just found out the reason why the ‘face effects’ was’nt working……the camera was too dark. Obviously, the face effects work by using ‘face recognition’….if the camera can’t recognise your face, then then the effects CAN’T work. Brighten your scene….worked for me !!!

@domino11……In Sources/Image, theres a ‘force-size’ button….I’m not sure if it’s THAT, tho’….I’ve never used it, personally.

George 8 years ago

Many thanks! Keep the good work! just one question. Since I use ManyCam with my DVcam to show some educational phisical samples to my students in a large audience (over a projected screen) I would like to know if and how Can I switch to full screen display… Any advice? THANKS A LOT!!!

VentaniaCWB 8 years ago

It would be interesting if Manycam had support

playlist = (play more than one video)
.MP3 files = omg!!!

Manycam 2.5.00 = The most amazing Virtual Webcam software

Hi all,

Just wanted to say thanks for this amazing app. With it I’ve been able to switch around between live webcams and do silly things with backgrounds. I love this app. If you could make it work with a more recent video codec that would be great – but I love this thing. Thanks guys / gals!!

Does manycam have a time limit at all? Sometimes I use it in webchat and I hear a ‘pop’ sound effect and the effects seem to stop…
Why is this?

Hey, I just downloaded the lastest version, but it won’t install here. It gives me the message
\Error opening file for writing:
F:Program FilesManyCam 2.4PlatformRoutines_Win32.exe\
I click to ignore it, and it appears again. I click to ignore it again and the installation stucks on file \ManyCam.exe… 100%\

Can someone help me please?

ManyCam is a really cool app!
A nice new thingy on it to put audio files on the background while your webcam is on could be great!


I would like more support for playing more video formats like 3pg, mp4 from moblie phones, flv and mov. Converting is cumbersome.

For the rest super software

I have been using manycam for awhile now its great to be able to stream and upload static pics from one cam. I am having a problem with many cams and the ait capture cards to i cant get any of them to work including teh usb model any help here

same as adam said, i cant get text-over-video to show multiline texts without scrolling.. PLEASE fix that 🙁

2.4.55 on windows


Support these video file formats: FLV, MP4
Pause animated GIFs
Allow line breaks for Text over Video

Thanks! 😀

Hellscreamgold 8 years ago

Could you fix the software to play animated GIFs? Right now, it locks up whenever you try loading one…and it doesn’t suppoert ones larger than 3MB

Hi. I was wondering if you could add the feature to use a stream as a video source. I’d like to use the webcam of a computer next to me, by streaming it to this computer, and prepend a local webcam.

This is a great app but there seems to be a memory leak when you have vertical scrolling text. I left it on with a blank background for 30 mins and the scrolling wasn’t smooth anymore. The ManyCam memory usage was huge. I restarted it and the text scrolling is smooth again. Seems to be a memory leak.

Another feature that should be added is the ability to output multiple lines of text without scrolling.

A capture image in website field is what happen with my ManyCam v.2.4.55 I’m facing.

The rest of its feature an capacities are great!

I cannot use this software on my brand new MacBookPro running Windows 7 (BootCamp) and the built-in iSight camera and Windows Live Messenger (Build The framerate is pitiful, and eventually freezes within a few seconds. 0 stars until this problem is fixed.

This latest version still gives me a missing codec problem with the dynamics background on my Vista laptop. Installed the Indeo 5.11 codec packs and still not able to use any of the dynamic backgrounds.

Lazybones 8 years ago

When I try to use ManyCam with MSN the image gets all green and the image only covers up 1/4 of what it should be. I also get two unexplainable green squares below and beside the image. Basically it’s screwed up.

Does anyone have any advice?

Can you support FLV?

How i can delete logo in window ?
I want clear screen and all without logo of the software if possible tell m how make this work. Thank you peoples.

I used ADS Instant DVD software along with its drivers. When selecting a Camera Source I see “ADS Instant DVD” but keep getting the message “Can’t open video source” Can / will ManyCam be modified to work with this and similar driver sources.

I also see CIRUS Logic USB-DVR2, but receive the same error message.


Please add “multiple instances” feature, so we can emulate 2 cams.

Why desktop capture is limited to 2 or 3 fps?

I’m using the latest version on ManyCam on Windows Vista, but it causes an error. Whenever Windows starts and the desktop appears, the first thing to show up is an error message, that “DefaultSettingEXE MFC Application” crashed. It seems to be a problem with my “Acer Crystal Eye Webcam”, because i’ve found more people talking about this problem in forums.

Christelle 8 years ago

Hi (and sorry for my english).

Manycam is just great for chatroulette. But apparently, people receive only the video and the audio…

How can I fix it with flash websites (I’m currently chosing “microphone” as audiosource) ? Do I have to disable my microphone???

how does it work?

So, I have an iHome desktop webcam – not the best granted. d/l the new version of manycam and got it to work last night.

Now? NOTHING. The cam is lit, meaning it’s on/active. I click the take snapshot and get a black blank image. NOTHING ELSE. I’ve tried closing the program, closing the site, starting over and still, every time I click Take Snapshot it’s a black screen.

Any clues as to why? Same cam, same lighting, same everything as last night. Running WinXPSP3.


Error. 8 years ago

Hey, I downloaded Manycam, Its great software but I’m getting this bug with the “Text Over Video” section, It opens blank, No options, No nothing. I want to remove the logo but I can’t seem to get the Text Over Video section to open correctly. Please help?