ManyCam 2.5.68 Released (Windows)

ManyCam 2.5.68 for Windows is now available for download.  This version has many bug fixes and stability enhancements, plus we brought back the “force size” feature many users requested.  To force the video size go to the “Sources” tab them look at the pull-down menu above the “reset to default” button on the right side.

Detailed Change ListNew 2.5 Version User Guide

Download ManyCam 2.5.68

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Roberto Di Costanzo 8 years ago

Thank you! 🙂

Hi, I’ve been having problems with this release of Manycam. Whenever I completely close it all programs are closed and explorer.exe has to restart. Obviously not good.
Email me for more info.
Windows 7 64-bit

still doesn’t work with Yahoo Messenger on windows Vista 32 bit

khoriati 8 years ago

I’ll still waiting for the new 2.x Mac OS Version. Is there a beta version for OSX ?!

I’m still getting a slow response form Manycam. If anything happens, even in the preview screen in the ‘anycam window, the output happens almost 2 seconds after. This does not work well with my audio output. People hear things miles before they see them which is very strange to fell like when on the other side of the broadcast. Will this be fixed or is it just my output resolution.

(480p resolution on a 900kbps upstream, I don’t think thats the problem.)

Jessica 8 years ago

When I am trying to close/exit manycam, my computer tries to shutdown, closing all applications. I am running windows 7 home premium edition, 64-bit processor

George 8 years ago

1. Manycam starts up automatically when I log into windows…and i made 100% sure that I unchecked that box when installing…so it shouldn’t start automatically, but it does.
2. When I try to close it after it starts, windows tries to shut down, closing all applications
BUT, when i open manycam myself, and close it right after…no problems
If i wait a while, then try to close it…windows does its shutdown routine
Very interesting problem…hope it gets fixed soon

Awesome program besides that…thanks

Jessica, please upgrade to our new version. George, we will try to reproduce this.

Justin 8 years ago

I have the same problem as George and Jessica. I am using the new version of ManyCam (2.5.68). Upon closing ManyCam, almost every program running is forced to close and Windows attempts to shut down.

I am afraid that I will no longer be using ManyCam. ManyCam now interferes with the operation of my computer. Additionally, ManyCam attempts to trick users into installing the Ask toolbar through tricky button placement (putting the decline button where the Next button normally would be). Also, ManyCam now runs at startup when I never checked that option anywhere. I have a program that alerts me to programs that try to add themselves to start with Windows… and somehow ManyCam bypassed that.

Overall, I now feel very insecure about ManyCam. Your chances with me are up and I will discontinue using your program indefinitely. Hopefully a better alternative comes around.

“I have a program that alerts me to programs that try to add themselves to start with Windows… and somehow ManyCam bypassed that.”

It seems as if ManyCam starts for instance when Microsoft Messenger starts (what did not happen with older versions), perhaps because it searches for available webcams.
So ManyCam does not directly autostart with Windows (I think), but indirectly with Messenger, which – in most scenarios – autostarts with Windows…

Am I right?
Would be nice to disable this effect…

It could be nice if you could resize the picture in picture + backgroundmusic!!

Thanks a lot for the force resolution option!

This sounds great. Any chance of a Mac update soon, please? It’s been almost a year!

The error I had in v2.5.48 is gone, but …

… there is no ManyCam device available to select as source in my video communication application. When there is no video splitter, ManyCam makes no sense for me.

… when I change the resolution, the video display becomes black and stays black. Even when I change it back to “No force size” or click “Reset to default”. And even when I close and restart ManyCam. Rebooting my PC did also not solve this issue. When I click the video properties a small window pops up saying “ERROR”.
I then deleted ManyCam’s “Profile.xml” files in my user profile to have the default settings back.

… the GPU gets extremly hot when ManyCam is running, which results in an immediate turn off of my PC in a few minutes.

Rolling back to version 2.4.69.
But I know, one day it will be perfect.

Thanks for your effort in optimizing ManyCam. Keep up the good work!

lurkalot1 8 years ago

I’ve experienced a similar issue with manycam starting when windows does – even though I set it not to. (Vista user, 32bit)
It crashes when I ask it to play a video file. However, it’s not messed around with any windows settings – as I am aware of.
I have tried it with a few webcams and I get the same results with manycam crashing.

does not work with windows live messenger! 🙁

As a long time user of ManyCam, I was pleased to see the new version (2.5.68) and its new features – thank you!

I was, however, disappointed to find out that a few undesirable changes were made to the Sources/Desktop/Custom desktop feature –

1. The adjustable opaque window is no longer “Always on top” which makes it extremely annoying when you have to keep clicking to bring it back to the fore.

2. The minimum size of said window is now much larger (~190X140).
I like the previous minimum size (150X50) which resulted in larger magnification of the region of interest.

3. If you try to go past the minimum window size using the upper or left borders, the window will be dragged (or pushed). The bottom and right sides behave as expected – just adjusting the length/height.

The “Run on startup” in the task bar is always on, even without the check mark.

Also, 3D masks no longer work.

Sadly, I’ve now reverted back to version 2.4 mainly due to paragraphs 1&2 above.

in version successive have plus format video? es: flv,mp4,mkv

Charles Bailey 8 years ago

I have an Asus laptop running Windows 7 64 bit, and installed Manycam. It seemed to work fine, except there was no virtual camera driver. I figured I need to reboot, so after rebooting I get an ‘Initialization error’, even though I told it during install not to start with windows. I’m assuming this is the virtual driver. So, I click Ok, and try running Manycam. I get the ‘Initialization error’ again, then Manycam starts up and immediately crashes with a ‘Manycam has encountered a problem and needs to close.”.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times, with similiar results. One time it gave an error about not being able to find some dll (I think).

Majeed 8 years ago

Ouh am having a probelm right now with many cam too
i want to get it uninstalled from my computer but it just says .. another instance of many cam is still Running and when i go to Task manager and try to kill ManyCam.exe it just won’t go away X( this is so annoying
this program is stunning but I don’t know what’s up with it now

i know i used it before and it was just fine thxxx

the quality of force resize is awesome as well as its light sensitivity But its in slow motion, if you compare 640×480 of the 2.4 and this, you can see clearly, its true that the quality is better, but its not as smooth in capturing movement..if you could combine the awesomeness of the picture quality with the smoothness it would be perfect..or at least a way to install both

When I record video in ManyCam with Windows Vista I get no sound when I play the file back. Help please!

Charles Bailey 8 years ago

I uninstalled this latest version and installed the previous version. Now, I have the virtual camera driver, and it actually works somewhat. Problem now is, the refresh rate varies between 3 SECONDS and a few MINUTES, leaving it totally unusable. It doesn’t seem to be using much CPU time, and navigating around the program seems normal speed. I hope this can get fixed soon. Manycam looks like an AWESOME program, and I’m excited to actually use it.EGE0NIQNCCEJIBAWWTCLME3KNPBCQLWF

chzkildare 8 years ago

The new version is improved, but there is still some performance issues, and it causes Flash Media encoder 3.1 to crash every time. Still going to use the old version until this is fixed.

I like the playlist feature, and the .wmv support is now fixed.

the PIP would be a little better if we were allowed to adjust the size of the pip. When broadcasting at 320X240 the pip takes up too large of a percentage of the screen.

Manycam will NOT play wmv video files? how come??? Im very frustrated, been working on this for 2 weeks now

Bruce Vu 8 years ago

This version doesn’t work with Video Call in Yahoo! Messenger.
Would you fix it please!

camhero 8 years ago


i need manycam to do 2 things, i absolute need it.

1. the pip screen need to be adjustable in size, until full screen.

2. when i put pip in full screen, i want to drag the pip screen to the right. Now i can’t because the pipscreen has to be in the screen completely. But i only need the half of the pipvideo.

Can you please do that? It would serve thousands of dartsplayers.


Maria Rita 8 years ago

Hello… I would like to know if you guys have an e-mail where i can send a question that I did not find at the FAQ section neither at the manual section.

lurkalot1 8 years ago

Ok, here we are, a couple of weeks later… I have manycam running on progs I do not want manycam running on when I start those programs! Thanks, my webcam drivers work and are ok, I *do not* want manycam running at every opportunity it thinks it should be running as there is only so much CPU I have!!! I should not have to kill manycam from running when I have specifically denied it!
Isn’t it just a little bit invasive when it does that? I mean, its nice to have choice, but sometimes, it does feel as though that choice has been removed – and I don’t like that. I want the option of running manycam *when I need to* not when manycam thinks it should be running – privacy people? privacy!!

tomlas 8 years ago

manycam crashes when adding a new effect forcing it to shutdown 🙁

Mau5dead 8 years ago

Not working under Win 7 in video call mode.

Mau5dead 8 years ago

It is not working under Win 7, in yahoo messenger’s video call mode. I hope you will fix it.

YO MAMMA 8 years ago

Hi, i would like to know, why doesn’t my mini cam record sound? -_-