ManyCam 2.6.65 Released (Windows)

ManyCam 2.6.65 is now available for download.  This new update allows ManyCam users to resize their picture in picture video to larger and smaller sizes.

Thanks to ManyCam fans who have emailed us we have also fixed some minor bugs and improved ManyCam’s performance.  Thanks for using ManyCam and we hope you have Happy Holidays!

Download ManyCam 2.6.65

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elijah 5 years ago

it still will crash at boot up it never really completely boots up it will show just the frame and out line of all the boxes in the window and thats it no buttons no way to use it for your video camera

why cant we loop a single video in the movie section like the older version?


Can you email our helpdesk with some screenshots? They’ll then ask if you’ll email us some logs to help us solve your problem. We’d really appreciate it.


You should still be able to loop single movies as usual. Thanks.

I have not gotten my reply yet…. i had a problem in ManyCam installation… i cannot run it because there is an error message ” Initialization Error”… what can i do?

it doesnt loop the same video over and over when you have more than one video in the movie section. it just goes back to the bargaining to the first video.

I already asked this once. I’m having the same problem as why, videos are not looping.

We plan to change how looping works in the next release.

hey there always were somebody who wanted to loop all movies in a playlist and others wanted to loop single video so dont complain about this issue

just hoping the next release will suggest more convienent loop as admin told us

Why doesn’t the new version of manycam support MP4 files anymore? Past versions have been able to play many different video formats. Now I have to re-encode all my video files just to use them for manycam.

SYN u can play mp4 maybe u need to install the right codecs. trye out the k-lite mega codec pack and play with decoding mp4 in “ffdshow video decoder configuration”.

And developers please fix that that loop problem im so tired of using the old 2.4 version that craches all the time. Cant u just make a quick fixes this problem. You had it working before so how hard can it be to fix it….
The “resent played” is not a playlist thats what the playlist tab is for why else have??

Hey I use this for mac, The program its self works fine.. I use it on omegle, It’s recently stopped working.. it doesn’t come up on the list of cams to choose, on omegle or any website.. it works with photobooth though.. can you help out?

Parienti 5 years ago

Due to changes on loop working, i need to reinstall older version (2.4.69). Where can i get it? Thx

Getting the “Initialization error” crash whenever I launch ManyCam.

Have submitted the bug report using the form generated by the prog at the time of the crash but have heard nothing and have been unable to use cam since before the holidays.

Will I have to go back and find an only 2.4 version is is there a fix for whatever is going wrong?

cool software, thanks. Amuses my 9 year old.

Non technical question. When I am using background effect, I frequently get a request for a new snapshot. I’m green-screening out the usual clutter you’d associate with an office or basement. Is there a place where people share tips on keeping the effects stable? I was wondering if I put up a screen or changed the lighting some-way if I could get a better experience.

I am also curious as to if this is a hobby/company/blend of the two. Feel free to email me if you want to answer.

Again, thanks for the tool.

Rob the upset user 5 years ago

I’m very aggravated with manycam, I love the software and I use it everytime when I’m on webcam.. but WHY DOES MY SNAPSHOTS ALWAYS GETS ERASED? Seriously.. I take snapshots quite alot, and for them to get erased on every shutdown I do on my comp, urks me.

Can’t really use manycam for everything, and ofcourse I save some snapshots, but not all of them. I had like 3 week old snapshots, with important events.. now its all gone.

and I can’t find any folder, that programs should have with data/cache of your snapshots.

I have installed the latest version on a windows 7 machine. when I go to select sources and movies and select a movie file…manycam just crashes.

would it be possible for manycam to stream videos in at least 360p? i streamed a 720p movie and a anime on tinychat and the quality is crap. the subtitles are unreadable.

I have latest version installed on windows 7 machine. everything else seems to work but when I go and select sources and movies and select a movie file…manycam just freezes up.

makaveli 5 years ago

when i play a video, it stops after a few seconds and it says file can not be opened
what is the problem?

franki 5 years ago

when I select a movie file as the source, the program just hangs and does nothing. i have to close it down with the task manager. what’s happening?

giorcat 5 years ago

I bought a new Microsoft LifeCam Studio installed ManyCam but I have always the same error: “Can’t connect to video source. Please check another video capture device.” Webcam working right with all messengers but I need use ManyCam for broadcast… Please someone can help me to fix the problem? Thanks

Please someone tell me can I use manycam to send my webcam to multiple users on msn messenger at the same time??
If so then how..

Please help..

I tried to install manycam 2.6.65 but when it download it stops the older version from working and delets all the short cuts then manycam 2.6.65 never starts or even installs new short cuts! 🙁 any help on this will be very much appreciated, thank you 😀

DroidSeeker 4 years ago

My ManyCam was unable to initializing…..someone help me 🙁

Hello friends,
great player it works fine and fast.

I have an couple propositions

1. Dynamically changing the avatars by timer
2. Dynamically text in small fonts
3. MP4 not ever works fine

Thank you guys for this great tool:)

Thisguy 4 years ago

Is there a way to get your video feed to be a picture-in-picture function? Like you’re chatting on google hangouts and have your video within a picture? If not, can we expect this update or at least this feature for Mac OSX soon?

Love ManyCam !!!!
Can you add custom resolution in the future ? I mean custom forced size where we can choose the resolution we want.
Or at least more resolutions that stretch the image vertically a bit, to make the image look thinner/slimmer/longer ?
Thank you !

I have downloaded, installed, rebooted, and ran ManyCam on my computer for the first time and I get an “Initialization Error”. I have opened up ManyCam in a debugger to step through the code and track down the bug. The error happens when ManyCam attempts to Load the ManyCam Logo using the CxImage library (ManyCam\Data\effect_data\logo\logo.png). In short, I think the CxImage library thinks that the image is a BMP instead of PNG and tries to read it as that. I am not sure why this happens, but I will try to briefly break it down.

First, this is called from ximaenc.cpp:
CxImage::CxImage(const TCHAR * filename, DWORD imagetype)

Example of its usage in ManyCam code: CxImage LogoImage(L”…\\ManyCam\\Data\\effect_data\\logo\\logo.png”, CXIMAGE_FORMAT_UNKNOWN);

Following where the error occurs, we enter the Load function in ximaenc.cpp:
bool CxImage::Load(const TCHAR * filename, DWORD imagetype);

Then we follow the code in the Decode function (inside Load):

There are several Decode functions, but this is the one that gets called:
bool CxImage::Decode(FILE *hFile, DWORD imagetype)
CxIOFile file(hFile);
return Decode(&file,imagetype);

Inside that next Decode function call is where the exception occurs. I have sent the detailed bug report via helpdesk email and also through the crash report dialog in ManyCam.

I’m having problems with outgoing sound on movies. No idea where to start. Any suggestions?

Great product.

Only one issue.
How set up to use 16:9.
I have two cams (MSFT Life Cam Studio) connected and can view them in Lync, Movie Maker and other software.
But no 16:9 resolution. It’s allways cropped to 4:3 and in smaller resolution than the source. Force resolution don’t work either.

when will there another update for both windows and mac ?

anyone else having an issue with video smearing when rezing pic in pic? the new version lets you rezise but then has video arifacts in the space that the video once was in the frame….

next version, please let us have up to 4 different feeds, and the abilty to switch or create a working video studio type enviro….


R Dennis Kisling 4 years ago

I cannot play .mov files: windows player(W7 ultimate) does play them

I downloaded the latest version of ManyCam on my new Macbook Pro. When I go to load a video into ManyCam the area is greyed out. I can’t load any video. I’m not sure why. I don’t know how to fix this. What can I do?

ManyCam is causing Internet Explorer to crash when I go to a site that uses the webcam while in InPrivate mode. Regular mode seems to work fine. Any idea how I can fix/workaround this? Uninstall/reinstall did not help.

marioveliki 4 years ago

why cant run many cams ??? after downloads always a windows pop out NSIS Error (Error launching installer ) does someone now whats is problem ???


Big problems with version 3.0.48! I have bought the plus part of the program, end everything worked smootly, but…. After exiting the program, and re-running it, i get:

Error initializing localized strings

and the programs quits. Only after reinstalling i can run the program, but after exit the same problem occurs…. Complete uninstallation doesn’t help. My Windows is version 7.0 professional..

Kind regards,


Guardiola 4 years ago

I ve installed manycam 3. Now i can´t open it, only worked the first time, nice upgrade by the way.

I have this error using it in windows 7 64 bits

“Error initializing localized strings.”

Danhere 4 years ago

I have tried 3.0 it was good but I think since my machine at the time is running at 1.92ghz don’t think it can handle 3.0 2,665 works fine though
how about just giving us a new free version with out the extras the 3.0
the muti-pip was great in 3.0 I think if you do a bare born feature like 2.665
and add the muti-pip feature that would be great

ok i downloaded manycam to get a banner to another website i webcam on how do i transfer the scrolling text over to the other website i cant get it i see other people using it but idk how too help out pleaseeeee ive been tryin for hours

Guardiola 4 years ago

I´ve downloaded 3.0.53 version. Still have the “Error initializing localized strings.”

Come on guys is this a joke? You pretend sell your crappy software to anyone?

Guardiola 4 years ago

Finally, 3.0.62 version fixed my problem

The new version of ManyCam doesn’t working with ¨PSEye whereas the old it works. Why ?

Why cant i move the PIP screen outside the screen? So i can make it full screen and move it to the right? (so a part is not visibale, cause its outside the screen)

I need it to make manycam any usefull to me.

Hope you can add it, it should be easy and asked about it more then a year ago.


JR_GreenGame 4 years ago

i have a problem i wanna use manycam on TinyChat but wen i click to cam on it only pops up my isight cam or mic but not manycam can some help me please Im using a macbook pro :< HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

When will mp4 be supported? Is mp4 supported in Pro version?

Feature request: Stream the video to rtmp server with iOS support.

Bobax – exactly the same with my PS3 Eye webcam, it works with the older version, but with Version 3 and up, it doesn’t work at all.