ManyCam 3.0.80 Released (Windows)

This new ManyCam 3.0.80 update fixes a problem that some users were experiencing with Adobe Flash.  Please upgrade to help avoid problems with Flash and Flash Video Sites.

Download ManyCam 3.0.80


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Juha Keränen 4 years ago

Nice that I can finally resize the small window.

I’ve been pondering wether or not to buy the whole version, but basically there are three things that just make it… not worth it:

1) I can’t see the normal arrow cursor in the video. Yes, I have unchecked the “Hide Cursor” button. Other cursors apear just fine but the normal cursor doesn’t. This alone is a deal-breaker.
2) I can’t set the coordinates for the areas that I want to capture from my desktop or the placement and size of the smaller pictures. It’s a pain in the ass to do it by hand every day because the placements keep resetting.
3) The transitions bug randomly. I played around with cutting and transitioning between the two different views but sometimes before the picture starts transitioning it first CUTS straight to the new view and then starts the transition from zero. I can’t use that.

Maybe those are more pro features than I’m expecting from this kind of software, but I seriously would consider buying, if only those issues were addressed. 🙂

Just a thought, but would it be possible to rename the installation exec to something that includes the version number? Makes it easier to know which version you’ve downloaded.

i want play a Video Source File and the video starts, but then stops with the message: “File ‘The Filename.wmv’ can not be opened. The file will be removed from the list.” The video has started, but then comes this message. Why does it come up and how do I fix it?

That last thing I posted is a variation of something that someone posted 2 years ago. The last questions where my own. I reposted it because I have that problem and after 2 years, it need to be addressed.

Omar, wmv is not supported.

Geoff, I will submit your comment to the team. If you go to our download page and click the mirror link directly downloaded from our site it should always be the most up to date version.

omegle will not recognize manycam as a source for my macbook i have had this problem for a while please help!!!

Gammapooka 4 years ago

Version 3.x f*cked up my webcam on a (flash)chat.
Installing a old version fixed the problem.

Dakota 4 years ago

Why isn’t wmv supported? I’m having the exact same problem, and it seems to support it enough by playing a few videos properly but closing out everything else, so why is the issue even occurring?

Lorraine 4 years ago

My sister and I have installed the latest version but I cannot understand a word she says as she seems to be talking chipmunk now????? How on earth can I stop this please? I come through ok on her end but on my end it’s hysterical but we cannot talk! Thanks

I have purchased and have been happily using ManyCam Pro for some weeks then all of a sudden I started getting runtime error messages everytime I tried to use ManyCam. Now the whole thing has stopped working! I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but I cannot access the service at all from my desktop shortcut. I have tried contacting the help desk but the link to email them does not work. I am very disappointed that I have paid good money for something that no longer works and there is no way of getting any technical help either!


Go to the “Audio” tab and remove the audio effect and you can speak normally again.


Type in the email address in your email client to email us. We don’t make it a clickable link because then our support would get lots of spam. Typing the email address manually works fine and we give users support of course.

Sorry for any confusion.

Baleiro 4 years ago

Zoomed visions and often PIP are appearing randomized here. I chose to see no zoom and “single mode”, in versions 3.0.79 and 3.0.80. The same error appears frequently.

Baleiro 4 years ago

tested in windows 7 x86, x64, winxp x86… all with no zoom and “no force size”.

Baleiro 4 years ago

Idont know why the program too crashes sometimes. Or breaks into a frame. Normally when those things happens the memory ram use for Manycam.exe is next to 500mb. Before the “break” it begins to send less frames than before. Every second there is a little break.

Baleiro 4 years ago

Other problem: The program sometimes break or crash. It begins to breaking some frames, like a little break in every second. The memory ram used for Manycam.exe grow up to 500mb and it freezes. When try to chance the videosource it crashes. After closing and reopening it, the program back to work.

Baleiro2 4 years ago

I dont know why the program sometimes break or crash. It begins to breaking some frames, like a little break in every second. The memory ram used for Manycam.exe grow up to 500mb and it freezes. When try to chance the videosource it crashes. After closing and reopening it, the program back to work.

Bartoli 4 years ago

are you guys already woring on a fix to the long face problem? (mac version)


Baleiro 4 years ago

I’ve forgot to say too that in audiotab some strange characteres appear in audio list, since I’m not using any audio device there or audio file. They appear like anything, like you are getting a memory fixed space on ram that is being used form other program..

The addition of the 4 way cam was really awesome. I’m just curious why split cam hasn’t been added? Two horizontal feeds seem as though it would work nicely. I do enjoy the PIP but I often cam live gaming and splitting the screen between myself and the game would be very very cool.

Possible future feature suggestion if nothing else.

Thank you for such an overwhelmingly useful program.

Baleiro 4 years ago

I’ve installed 3.0.68 version and everything gone alright. All problems cited gone.

What Absolutely needs attention is the fact if one is using more than 1 Microsoft ‘Lifecam Cinema HD’ webcam you are unable to use any of the ‘pro’ transitions. One must instead click the camera sources and select – the entire point of upgrade therefore has been pointless for me. If one uses Logitech cameras the problem goes away, but I am not about to replace my 6 new Microsoft webcams for Logitech models – that would be to high of a cost. Please do try and fix this bug. I’ve emailed support and it appears to be known about but another release fixes flash issues but not this..

I’ve downloaded and installed the latest version but everytime I try to run it, it gives me an error message saying: “Windows cannot access the specific device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item.”

Help please, I’m very frustrated.

joe jack 4 years ago

does this thing only work with certain kinds of webcams, cause i have a logitech fusion an it wont connect to it while i am cammed up on something like tinychat… wont do both

Anonymius 4 years ago

I have the newest macbook pro with retina display, when i open many cam my cam works, the only problem is that it splits up in two.

Merle Reine 4 years ago

manycam latest installed today. when trying to add a video (.avi) it says “File xxx.avi can not be opened. File to be removed. The file plays fine in Windows Media player, VLC, etc. Why won’t any AVI open in manycam latest? It used to work with older versions. The videos are 400M plus in size.