ManyCam 3.0 (Windows) has arrived!

We are excited to finally announce ManyCam 3.0 for Windows.  This major new ManyCam release has awesome new features including a Pro video switcher under the new “Studio Pro” tab, a new “Audio” tab with audio sound effects and a voice changer, HD video support for broadcasting, the ability to record video and audio to your hard drive (free), major frames per second increases, resizable picture in picture, and awesome new audio and webcam effects in our effects library.  I’m sure you also noticed that we updated our entire ManyCam website.

Download ManyCam 3.0 now!

Pro Video Switcher – ManyCam’s Pro Video Switcher allows you to easily switch between multiple audio or video sources.  Go to the “Studio Pro” tab and click “Add Video Source” under source #2.  Now you can easily switch between video sources.  Click “cut” to quickly cut to another source and “trans” to add a cool transition effect between sources.  You can also click “preview” to view your video in a larger video window before switching if you are a ManyCam Pro user.  Upgrading to ManyCam Pro also allows you to have full access to all 6 video sources.  You can use one video source as another webcam, another as your desktop so users can see how you are using your computer, another as a movie, a TV card, and any other type of source that’s available in ManyCam.

ManyCam Audio Effects – ManyCam now supports audio along with new audio effects.  Change your voice into a robot voice, or add an awesome environment to make it sound like you are in a concert hall.  Upgrade to ManyCam Pro to mix different audio sources simultaneously.  Play music in the background while you talk on mic.  Pro users also get access to other cool audio effects like “alien” or “phone”.  You can broadcast your ManyCam audio through any application like Skype, Youtube, and all others, just follow our ManyCam application guide.

HD Video Support – Do you use ManyCam with an HD webcam and an HD software like Skype, Youtube, Ustream, or Oovoo that supports HD video?  Now ManyCam also supports HD video broadcasting.  To broadcast in HD make sure you are using an HD webcam then go to the “Video” tab and then under “Image Settings” find the pull-down menu that says “No force size”.  Now choose an HD resolution there that your video hardware supports like 1280 X 720.  Now you’re broadcasting in HD!  You can broadcast your ManyCam HD video through any HD application by following our ManyCam application guide.

Record to Hard Drive – Now ManyCam allows you to record video to your hard drive.  Go to the “Studio Pro” tab and click the “Rec” button at the bottom left.  Once you record a video you can choose to use it as a video source inside ManyCam under “Studio Pro”.  We currently allow saving video in the new open WebM format.  WebM is supported by most modern browsers and Youtube, and you can use video converters to convert the video to other formats.  We’re working hard to add more video saving formats to ManyCam ASAP due to user requests.

New Pro Webcam & Audio Effects – Check out our new ManyCam Effects page.  ManyCam Pro users get access to even more cool audio and video effects.  ManyCam users can still create their own custom effects and submit their effects to our library as always.

Upgrade to ManyCam Pro – ManyCam still has all the same free features you are used to having, plus more free features like video recording, audio features, basic webcam switching and much more!  If you plan to use ManyCam a lot then we recommend you upgrade to ManyCam Pro.  ManyCam Pro allows you to unlock all video sources with the “Studio Pro” tab, remove the ManyCam Studio Pro watermark on the second video source, preview your video before switching it live, activate ManyCam audio effects and audio mixing, plus get access to ALL our new Pro video and audio effects!  Upgrading to ManyCam Pro supports future software development and features.

ManyCam also has hundreds of new small features added to our 3.0 software.  We are working hard to continue improving the software and adding more features.  Please let us know what features you think we should add in the comments of this Blog.  Due to changes in the Mac OS X Lion OS we are having trouble making a new version of our Mac software but we’re trying our best and we have not forgotten the Mac users.

We waited a while to officially announce ManyCam 3.0 to make sure everything would go smoothly for users but if you are having a problem with the 3.0 update please contact us so we can collect logs from you and fix your problem.  We’d like to thank all our ManyCam 3.0 users who helped us fix problems and release several updates before we officially announced the software to the world.

Thanks for all your support and we hope you enjoy this major new software update.

Sincerely, The ManyCam Team

Download ManyCam 3.0Upgrade to ManyCam Pro $49.95ManyCam 3.0 User Guide

37 Responses

Sanjay 4 years ago

Congrats to the whole team of manycam! The product and da website got a beautifully refreshing update.

Would love to have a video custom or slider zoom feature while playing movies.

What about a mini mode implementation? Once all effects and customization is done – mini mode will only show the video along with slider, play, pause, replay, mute buttons.

Mini Mode is a very good idea !!!

I like this new Version also – Good work, hope the little bugs will also soon be gone 🙂

By the Way, for the Pro Solurce switcher, a own playlist function would be cool. That you can set the times and wich cams should be choosed, maybe also with wich effects. A real cam monitor automation. This would be cool. Hope my english is understood here 🙂

Cool ideas guys, thanks!

Go On CAst 4 years ago

Doesn’t recognize the Ps3 eye webcam with the CL Drivers, but other than that its quite good.

The way the new audio features are handled is annoying. First, ManyCam changes my default microphone to ManyCam’s without asking me. Second, the audio features are still enabled when ManyCam is “closed” to the system tray even when the red stop square is displayed. It took me 15 minutes to figure out why ManyCam was using CPU while in the system tray.

ozgurozan 4 years ago

Text over video not moving on screen (cannot change position) is this removed to be a free feature…

Go On Cast, we will try to get access to that hardware to test. Do you have a link?

Matt, I sent your comments to our dev team, thanks.

Ozgurozan, buying Pro doesn’t change text over video. Grab the text with your mouse and drag it where you want it, it’s free to do so.

hi many cam, yea like “cast” said it does not read the ps3 cam. heres the link to the site.. scroll down the page and you will see the driver to download it’scalled.. “CL Eye Platform Driver”
on the bottom right hand side of the corner of the page heres the link to the “CL”drivers” i put the word “them” at the end of that other link lol srry about that

Thanks Davidjon, our team will check it out.

Greggles 4 years ago

The new 2×2 Picture in picture mode crashes Manycam. After adding a few still images to the sources, I click on the 2×2 icon and try to select different images for each square, but as soon as I click “Choose soruce for picture in picture” my still images turn blank. Then if I attempt to click on one anyway, Manycam gives up and crashes!

On a side note… could you add an option to disable the close on Escape key.. I like to keep the Manycam window open and if I forget to defocus the window it gets very frustrating!!

Greggles, if you could contact our helpdesk I’d appreciate it so we can grab some logs (if you’ll send them) and fix your problem. Thanks for your help and comments!

The only thing I care about is the FPS feature of desktop capture. I’m glad that I can switch it between 25fps and 30fps and so-forth, but all the other stuff I don’t need for what I use manycam for (which is broadcasting games) I have a fairly small screen and manycam takes up quite alot of it. Is there anyway to resize the program window? You guys should make a manycam lite version where it just has basic screen capture, fps options. That would be a dream come true for people like myself who broadcast video games and want a lite and efficient program without all the effects and other clutter.

A couple of enhancement requests:

1- In the Still Images section, it really would be nice if the user could rearrange the order of the imported pictures with a drag and drop. It’s a real pain to delete and reopen files just to get them in a different order.

2- I wish the ManyCam window could be resized for the purpose of being able to see more than 4 pictures at one time in the Still Images section. I wish I could see 8 or 12 by making the ManyCam window larger.

3- Also in Still Images, it would be nice if we had a few transitions when “playing” the images as a slideshow. At minimum, it would be nice if we had the option of doing a crossfade from one image to the next with a user-specified duration for the fade effect to complete.

Thanks for considering these.

how come you guys got rid of the zoom slider? i cant seem to zoom on anything any more

Sam, what were you trying to zoom? The desktop size or what?

Brittney 4 years ago

Doesn’t recognize the Ps3 eye webcam with the CL Drivers 🙁 guess i gotta downgrade to the one before this one again come on many cam wanna use this one so bad nice work tho

I’ve tried (twice!) to install ManyCam. However, I am getting a “Model Initialization Error” and the program will not launch. Any thoughts?

P.S. to my earlier comment….
I did complete a popup window that I assume goes to Help and it included my logs.

Dell XPS m1530
w/ Intel Core2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2Ghz
32-bit OS


Nice upgrade. One major thing I think is missing is under audio tab, it should at least give the ability to add audio files to give background music to the video when needed.

Ability to stream directly to support hi end capture card like osprey and major capture card would give much impact as the word “PRO”. If the virtual cam can only support webcams, “PRO” is a bit under rated.

The rest are great!

Keep up the good work

Ohh.. by the way.. the reason I said audio files needs to be added is because most servers especially those in Virtualization does not have local audio. Would be nice if manycam itself can play audio file on its own the way it plays video files.

and consider supporting Server OS.


Feature Request: Ability to send output in secondary screen like projectors

the playlist functionality is totally broken for me, tried a reinstall, same issue. it takes so long to switch between it locks up the program for me, I wanted to go back to the old version which worked perfectly, now I cant seem to find it. I rely on fast switching, this is a huge issue.

Many pretty good day. I want to tell you that I install the new version. but it it a lot of computer resources. that is when a computer with two processors working light to 54%. and if you spark two sites still working on 100. and computer hard work. I believe that many functions should
The old version was better and I wish I could install the old one it uses fewer resource

LabAnimal 4 years ago

many crashes when switching between multiple USB cams and also problem with “ghost” files/filename in movies and stilsl when playing on multiple cams at once

Last month, I asked for an enhancement whereby you could expand the ManyCam window in order to see more than 4 items in some of the Video Sources. I hadn’t installed the new ManyCam yet, so this request was based on an earlier version. I now see that the ManyCam window is wider and now shows 7 items across instead of 4, plus it also shows the top 1/3 of the next row, which is nice. I’d still like to be able to make the window a little taller in order to see the full 2nd row, but thanks for the improvement that you did make.

Like an earlier poster, I can’t get the Playlist feature to work. It only wants to open up an .mcp file extension. I have no idea what that is or how to create one. And it won’t permit the user to open up a file with any other extension. I’ve not used the Playlist feature before, but wanted to use it today. I’m thinking there has to be a bug here somewhere.

OK, never mind, I was clueless. I just figured out that the Playlist controls don’t work like the controls do in the Still Images or the Movies section. In Images or Movies, the user is supposed to click the Open button to bring items into the “queue”, for lack of a better word. In Playlists, the user must click the “+” button to add items to the queue. I was confused but I got it now, and Playlists is working for me.

When i start ManyCam it works well, but then it gives the following message: “ManyCam stopped working.”
If i try to restart it, the computer crashes and a bluescreen shows op saying: “Bad pool header”

System specs:
ASUS Pro52h
Processor: Intel Core Duo T2450 @2.00 GHz
RAM: 2.0 GB

Its so unbelievable frustrating that i still cant move the PIP screen outside the screen for a part.

Its so simple to make that. I want to make the pipscreen full screen and move it to the right, so i only see the left part of that image.

Please!!!! Asked it for years now.

Clinton 4 years ago

this new version installed, but will not run. i tried as admin, all the different compatibility modes, no popup, no nothing. uninstalled and reinstalled several times… what gives. can you provide a link to an older version at least?

Terrible since this new version it wont even open on my laptop. The old version did but this one just locks up no matter what I do.

marcus 4 years ago

In the pro, is it possible to have 2 cams side-by-side or even split-horizontally? instead of the having only the 4-cam-layout.

Thank you

I’ve tried reinstalling the newest Manycam three times now.. and each time it will install, open, but just remain a black screen like so:

After update to the 3.0, can’t get it to launch, have tried everything, uninstall, re-install, all that, but nothing works, seems like I’m not the only one, so give us a fix, please!!!

Since installing 3.0, none of the pics in any of the objects/effects folder will show up on the screen. The only pics I can put up are from “still images”..and only three there. What am I missing? Thanks, love this program!

Ok so I figured out I could add pics to the “still images” folder and added about 120 (an entire folder). They worked fine for awhile, now when I try to change the pic, I get a msg saying “file (filename) cannot be opened, it will be deleted from list”….and its now saying that for every pic! I had deleted the pics from my folder, so I restored them all and added them again…now it won’t put up any pic at all! What am I doing wrong here??

I love ManyCam, but it would be great if you could add a timer before taking snapshots.