ManyCam 3.1.58 Available!

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ManyCam 3.1.58 is now available for download.  This new release has a “reset settings” feature that allows users with technical problems to easily reset their ManyCam settings to help solve the issue.  To reset your ManyCam settings back to defaults go to the Start/ManyCam menu and choose “reset settings”.

Download ManyCam 3.1.58

36 Responses

Mac User 5 years ago

Any love for us Mac users on the horizon? You can just go ahead and put us out of our misery with a simple no if it’s the case.

Another mac user 5 years ago

Yeah, I’ve been wating months for an answer can you just tell us what’s going on with the mac version.

trenoops 5 years ago

I am really wondering what you are updating with these new releases. The window still becomes non movable, non minimizable. Selecting music in the pro version’s playlist is still causing pausing in the program as well as bugs with the UI. I still have a problem with the FLANGER effect defaulting every time I load the program up, even though I have deleted the effect several times. NOt being able to move the program window or minimize it is a major BUG that should be fixed.



You’re going to be happy with 4.0 coming out in a month or so! It’s a major update with a new easier to use UI.

Mac Users,

We’re going to have something out in around 30 days or so. Sorry for all the delays!!!

A bug report 5 years ago

Hey ‘Many’ Thanks for this software 🙂

There is an issue i would like to report.

MP3 Files with album art embedded in them do not play in “audio playlist”
I have tried to play few mp3 files with album art embedded in them.They never play. Then i removed the embedded album art image from those mp3’s and they played fine after that.

Thank you again for this software 🙂

+1 for a Mac release…not to push you or anything. Just letting you know that there’s a lot of us out here 😉


We’re finalizing a Mac update, and it will be a new paid Pro version. If Mac users upgrade to Pro then we’ll be able to use that money to continue improving development.

Mac users can still use the free version of the software but it will have a few minor limitations.

capegold1 5 years ago

Doesn’t work with Win 7 64 if you have two monitors. Sent video of the malfunction and two emails to support with no responses as of yet. It’s not my system as the competitor’s software works fine. When is version 4 coming out?