ManyCam 3.1.59 is ready for download

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ManyCam 3.1.59 is now available for download.  Some ManyCam fans emailed us to let us know they were having trouble opening some video formats.  After researching the problem we found the bug that caused some ManyCam users from being able to open some video formats and fixed it.  Please upgrade your ManyCam software to fix the problem.

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25 Responses

Please, upgrade manycam version mac whit “ManyCam Custom Video Source Name”

Can you put implement the playback time to show up when we drag/highlight the video duration bar as in earlier versions? Every thing else is good.

Jordan 3 years ago

Can you just bring back back the video timing bar as in the earlier version? And also its difficult to move the pointer forward and reverse cause we dont get it accurately ! Previous versions was really good in the video timings ! just implement this and everything is awesome 🙂

paulasoares 3 years ago

Skype now works in own outlook, but when I start ManyCam the following message appears: unanswered. It will be possible to work directly on the site ManyCam Outlook? Thanks, love the ManyCam!

Seabeast 3 years ago

Hi Manycam,

I have a problem using Manycam with a Black Magic Decklink DUO SDI card.
Changing the Properties (under video source settings) doesn’t work, it automatically selects the top option in the list.

So, when I use the force resolution option and set it to 1920×1080 for example it will automatically select the top option of the Decklink card for HD resolutions — in this case 1080p 30hz.

I want to be able to use all the resolutions for example 1080i 50hz, but as this is the 3rd in the list of options for HD outputs for the Decklink card I can’t select it…

Please look into this!

Howdy how’s version 4.0 coming along? Hope it’s almost ready :-). Still waiting to use MCPro which doesn’t work on my machine. Ya’ll said 4.0 would work. It’s gonna be grrrrrrreat! 😀

Hey! I uninstalled the previous version of manycam and installed the latest version but i am still seeing the previous version!! Is there any method fo deleting the previous version in any registry or something? Pl help

I cannot get this to work with my Hauppauge HVR-1950 USB box. When I attempt to select it from the source menu it states that it can’t connect to the webcam, and to make sure that nothing else is using it. There is nothing else using it. Please help!!!!

Steven Winston 3 years ago

Hi this product looks great as I will be able to use it to display my IP camera video in webex – however I am not sure if the audio will also work? Can you let me know if your product supports audio over an IP camera.




ManyCam doesn’t work with capture cards, only webcams.


IP cam audio isn’t supported.

Peter, I recommend completely uninstalling then downloading from our download page

BigJonMX 3 years ago

my Tenvis ip camera works fine with its default IE plugin. it works fine with ispy. it doesn’t work with your software!
It just says error, and I see no way of editing/altering settings…

Where’s Settings, or rightclick menus? Do I have broken version? (latest at time of writing v3159).

now its decided to Not Respond, and I’ve been waiting for ages…

sorry. I tried. it didn’t work. I wont be buying this anytime soon.

If ManyCam 3.1.59 is used as a video source for Skype 6.6, the video resolution is always limited to 640×360. Forcing higher resolution in settings does not help. If the webcam (Logitech C920) is used in Skype directly (not via ManyCam) the resolution can be as high as 1920×1080. Is it possible to get higher resolution with Skype/ManyCam combination?

jeffspin17 3 years ago

Hi, ManyCam is really great but it hasn’t worked ever since I upgraded to OS X 10.8.4 on my retina mac book pro. It opens properly, but the video it shows is distorted. This is both when it is using the built in camera and when it is playing back video. Both are distorted the same way. Everything else seems to work fine.

I hope you can fix this issue because I really love manycam! thanks.

Would it be possible to port ManyCam to the LINUX system,it would be awsome 🙂

I am an iMac OS X, version 10.7.5 and after installing (and rebooting a few times) Manycam I can’t find a way to have the mac recognise it as a camera.
I initially thought that it was only Skype not recognising it as a cam (it’s not listed in the available cams), but now I realise that no program on the mac sees ManyCam as a camera.
Any advice?


is it possible to create full screen effects like borders and backgrounds?

Thank you.

HI, Please lengthen the video time bar as in the earlier versions .

text over video not working or not remembering after restart many-cam
i have to enable every-time when start many-cam
can you plz pix this bug

Is there a way to use TV cards usb, instead of webcam?
I will not transmit in HD, but it would be interesting if you could do it.

Remember when you could use Manycam to do presentations on your Mac? Back in the day? Those were good times. Good times. I miss them.

the video wont loop and and its hard to play video, i already try many video format and its not working.

Jessica 3 years ago

Having the same problem that jeffspin17 is. I just bought a new macbook retina display and both my internal & external cameras look EXTREMELY distorted in ManyCam now. Please fix this soon!!!!

I have the same probleme as Jessica ! Please help

Hi Jessica, Karl and Jeffspin17 – We should be able to fix the problem with the retina displays in the next Mac update, which should be released soon.