ManyCam 4.0.52 Is Now Available!

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ManyCam 4.0.52 is now available for download. This new update fixes a problem where the “Run on start up” option did not work correctly, along with other performance improvements and bug fixes. We’ve added the ability to set up custom delays between items in your playlists, as well as the ability to set up different scrolling speeds for the text over video feature. Also, due to repeated requests from our ManyCammers, we’ve brought back the “Show Cursor” and “Camera Properties” features!

 Download ManyCam 4.0.52 today!

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ManyCam 4.0.52 Is Now Available!

guiguilyon 4 years ago

H, I use 4.0.52.

It’s always freezing when I switch to my webcam.

It’s not related to my PC performance, everything else works great (3D games at max graphic settings…)

My webcam Logitech C910 has the newest drivers.

After the freeze, manycam is unable to display the webcam image again, as every other webcam related softwares (skype, logitech webcam software, splitcam, or video chat websites.
If I try to use the cam with one of those, they freeze too, and I have to kill their process to stop them. I can use them with the cam without any problem, as long as I don’t use the cam in ManyCam.

My PC is on Windows 8.1.

guiguilyon 4 years ago

I also noticed that the only way to be able to use the cam again, is to restart the computer. But after restarting, the cam is not detected anymore by any program and is not in the windows device manager anymore. I have to physically unplug then plug it back to make it appear back in the Windows device manager.

I insist on the fact that manycam is the only responsible for that. Every other webcam related softwares works perfectly and don’t bring these problems.

Is Logitech c910 incompatible with ManyCam ?

guiguilyon 4 years ago

Actually, the issue comes from Skype desktop It’s unable to load my Logitech c910 webcam (It detets it though). It works with my older wabcam Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000. I will ask help to Logitech.

Sorry for accusing ManyCam wrongly. I really like this software.

Gabriel 4 years ago

No custom video source again? =/ Or is this “Camera Properties” thing? What is that? I didnt find it in manycam…

Karan Pal Singh 4 years ago

I simply admire your software. I have few devices which only initialize on 720×480 or 720×576 resolutions and fail to get configured with manycam, if you can add these resolutions in free or pro release, it will not only help me but many others too.

I have downloaded 4.0.52 and I still cant open a video in manycam and stream it on a site

I allow my built in webcam doesn’t work and then virtual manay cam playing video still does not work. same problem as before and was assured it was going to be fixed

kurukkan 4 years ago

I just installed ManyCam 4.0.52 everything look perfect.
I like the video zooming ,image zooming, etc..

But i am totally not satisfied because I cant see the “Custom Video source” option…please reply if that option is in ManyCam 4.0.52.
Thank you

Karan- thanks for the input, we’ll look into adding those resolutions in the future.

Rich – please contact so they can gather logs and investigate the issue.

Kurukkan – sorry that feature is not available in this version.

Brian Hillard 4 years ago


Any update on fixing Metro app support?

Skimbosh 4 years ago

What happened to being able to import custom backgrounds? When I go to add effects it will only allow .mvc or .mve but not any image file, which the older version had.

Top notch prog; most enjoyable.

As of version 4 Skype does not detect Manycam anymore. In the video options screen Skype says: can’t start video. Is this because of the removal of the custom video source? Version 3 works for me with the custom video source option enabled. With the other ‘normal’ video source option, it does not work either in version 3. Can someone confirm Skype is blocking Manycam? I am running Windows 7 64 bit.

everytime when i restart my pc i get the message that Manycam is not available and i shoud reboot or reinstal. Althow i do this problem persist and if i ignore the message manycam is not visible in those aplications where i need it. To use it properly i should instal it everytime i reboot pc.

rcschaff 4 years ago

I’m wondering if/when there will be an option to create new effects in version 4. If there is an option, please update the help pages. If there isn’t when can we expect this function back.

Thank You.

Skimbosh & Rscschaff – yes, we will add a feature to the website where users can create their own custom effects. Should be ready soon.

Leen – ManyCam should work on Skype. Can you contact our help desk so they can investigate?

Lila – Please contact help desk so they can gather logs.

rogerio 4 years ago

How many frames per second can I have when using pro version resolutions of 1280×720 and 1920×1080?


I like the look and feel of ManyCam 4. However, webcams operating from Panasonic dvc’s are not recognized as they were under version 3. They operate with the general Microsoft drivers, in a Win 7 environment, and like I said, they work under ManyCam 3. The only workaround I can think of, is to use a freeware called SplitCam… because when used as a video source in SplitCam, I can tell ManyCam to look at the SplitCam video driver — then it works. I’d prefer to eliminate the need of SplitCam altogether, and have ManyCam recognize my webcams and my Elgato usb video adapter as well. However, in all cases, SplitCam is needed. Why can’t ManyCam detect and control these devices?

Was about to purchase pro, then realized the custom video source feature is missing in v4.

When you add that back, I’ll be purchasing Pro.

Also, it would be nice to have a blank black screen option back as well.

Hi Bob, we are looking to add a similar feature for the custom video source.

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Is there a means you are able to remove me from that service?
Thank you!