ManyCam 4.0.77 Is Now Available

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ManyCam 4.0.77 is now available for download on and includes several awesome new features. For example, we’ve added a new Game Video Source option that allows you to capture and record your game play, a new Lower Third feature which will make your live videos look more professional, and we’ve also added a Custom Video Source feature which allows you to rename the ManyCam video source. The update also includes various bug fixes and stability improvements and has added support for more camera vendors. You can check out the full change list here

Update to ManyCam 4.0.77 today! 

21 Responses

not work on omegle, explorer. firefox, chrome…

manycam work, but open explorer or chrome or firefox and cam is not recognized…i try disinstall and reinstall but nothing….

I’m a new Pro User (paid version) … and this update will not work. It locks up on “Finalizing installation” … I don’t recommend at this point

HELP! This just won’t work for me! It won’t work on any websites at all and just shows me a black screen when i’m trying to stream a video. Works fine in the program itself but when i try to use it for a website it just stays black. Any advice?

Steven 5 years ago

Are there other lower thirds available for download? Is it possible to create mclt files?

Thanks for all of your feedback.

Problems with Flash based websites are most probably due to Adobe Flash Player. What versions are you all using? We tested with Adobe Flash Player and it seemed to work for us on all browsers.

As for the issues with “Finalizing Installation” – we are investigating to find a solution.

Chris Scragg 5 years ago

Manycam crashes often when using the game capture feature. I really like the new version but wish it was more stable.

Hi Chris, this is a very new feature so we are still working on bugs to make it better. Can you let me know what game you were using?

Randy Arsenault 5 years ago

Are there other lower thirds available for download? Is it possible to create mclt files?

Randy Arsenault 5 years ago

When can I expect a fix for Windows 8.1. The software does not work with Win 8.1.

swede1 5 years ago

Problem fixed!

Seemingly broke after recent Windows 8.1 updates (guessing). Worked fine in Win 8.1 before, then just got a quick “ManyCam Starting” screen and then it disappears. Have registered 4.0.77 version. Tried uninstall and re-install to no avail.

Problem was that the external Sound card (a MOTU Box via USB) wasn’t powered up. Works fine now. Maybe you could add a detection info upon startup for this kind of “user” error” i.e. that the sound device isn’t available instead of just dissappearing.

Manycam isn’t showing my elgato game capture. It just shows a black screen when i select it.

Chris Scragg 5 years ago

I wasn’t using a game, I’m using the game tool to broadcast from a software I’m using called VH Multicam Studio

Jean-Luc Tallis 5 years ago

I can verify this version of ManyCam does not work with Windows 8.1 too. I can only close the app, I cannot click anything inside the app at all. Need a desperate fix.

Jarrett S 5 years ago

Installation remains stuck on “waiting for other installations to complete” – Running OS X 10.7.3 – 2.2Ghz I7 – 4gb 1333 MHz DDR3

IceSage 5 years ago


The addition of the “Game” feature is absolutely brilliant. However, it doesn’t always work. Sometimes when trying to get a game to work, it’s simply black / blank. Playing around with it sometimes makes the game appear. With other games, it simply doesn’t work at all, period.

I adore this feature but it has some serious issues. If you could look into it, it would be much appreciated.

I’m particularly trying to stream an RPG Maker VX Ace game. I’m unsure how you determine how to pick up the visual from a game, but it does not work on that. I’ve tried running it full screen, it neither works and it also defeats the purpose. (Unless expected to have 2 monitors.)

ManyCam is looking pretty slick, especially for a free version. Keep up the good work. Hopefully this minor issue can be troubleshooted / improved upon.

Hi IceSage, thanks for the feedback, I’ll pass on this information to our support team so they can investigate the issues you are having with the Game feature.

Have you tried other games where it worked?

Having similar issue to IceSage. Basically using the program works (I don’t try to record video files though), can switch between cams and such. But when I try to turn on the FullScreen feature, the window screen is just black. Switching between camera doesn’t work (it works in the ManyCam Dashboard but not in the FullScreen window).

Tested on Computer 2 with an older version (Manycam 4.0.52) that still installed (not updated) and the FullScreen Window works! 😀

It’s only on this newer version on Computer 1 with ManyCam 4.0.78
that is giving me the issue.

Again, not sure the differences that were made between these two versions but thought I could shed some light on my findings.

Chuck what version of Windows do you have? Also I just want to make sure I understand… when you click on “Trans” in the 6 small video screens on the right of ManyCam, you don’t see the transition on the main screen on the left?

Martin 5 years ago

Any update on the Lower Third questions. How can I create custom files. Thanks.

hello sir,
i have face problem with manycam,
when i record video wih manycam, the video and audio unsyncronize when i am trying to edit with magix pro 5. help. tq