ManyCam 4.0.97 and ManyCam Mobile Source App are now available!


We are pleased to announce that our newest update, ManyCam 4.0.97 is officially available for download. This new version includes several awesome new features such as YouTube integration and mobile capabilities.

In this update, we’ve added YouTube as a video source option, where you can stream and broadcast your favorite videos found on YouTube more easily, just by entering the video URL. Also, we’ve added YouTube as one of the “Share” options, so you can record your own videos and upload them to YouTube directly from ManyCam,

We are also very excited to announce the release of the ManyCam Mobile Source App for Android! By downloading the mobile app, you can record live videos on the go, away from your computer and stream directly to ManyCam using your phone. Connecting to ManyCam with your phone is easy, simply enter the 4 digit code that pops up when you open the app, or use a QR code scanner, and you are ready to roll!

The ManyCam Mobile Source for Android is free and available for download on Google Play.

We’ll soon be updating our website with more “How To” videos to show you how to use the YouTube features and the mobile app, so make sure to visit regularly.

Download ManyCam 4.0.97 today! 

26 Responses

IceSage 2 years ago

This version of ManyCam downgrades the free version.

What the changelog doesn’t tell you is that in order to remove the ManyCam logo, you need to upgrade to PRO now.

I’m sorry, but I already have tons of unresolved issues on why I don’t feel like upgrading to Pro is worth it, but I have plenty of reasons to tell others to download ManyCam as a free webcam program. One of the reasons was the watermark.

This type of behavior doesn’t convince me to upgrade. It just convinces me to not use ManyCam anymore, pro or free.

I’d appreciate if you didn’t pull this sneaky behavior and change this back when possible.

People who can’t pay for a product don’t pay for it for a reason, making their free experience more painful when you upgrade does not entice someone to pay for it or shift their funds towards such a program.

tl;dr: They won’t let you remove the watermark now until you pay.

KaneHusky 2 years ago

Completely agree with IceSage. A really bad move to make that change, forcing users to pay an absurd amount of money for a mediocre application. I won’t be using ManyCam anymore unless this is reversed or I’ll just downgrade to the previous version.

I’m agreeing with IceSage on this one

I love the newest version and yeah its annoying that free users cant remove manycam logo anymore. Plus we cannot download an offline installer from website so we can store the setup etc.

Thirdly, i would like to suggest an option for stream directly to ManyCam using your phone. In that we have to hold the phone in a certain way for the images to appear In right way on cam. So i think there should be some upgrade to this so that however any person hold his/her phone camera whether holding it horizontally or vertically. Images should appear correctly on webcam and not upside down. i hope u understand what im trying to tell u. Maybe for this u can add a checkbox under setting saying Auto Correct the Upside Down Images from mobile. So that when its checked it will automatically show the images on cam in right manner even when we hold the phone in any way

Agree with other commenters. why can we not remove the logo in this version?

manycamuser 2 years ago

The webinstaller does not work. After a successfull download, start the webinstaller. It start the program and you click accept.. Boom… Nothing happens after clicking the Accept button. Just vanishes.

I like the version 4.0.97 feature of using smartphone cam but the quality gets lower when u are using it. Also i observed we cannot use our front cam which is sad. So please update it and fix the VIDEO QUALITY from Smartphone and also option to use the Front cam of smartphone.

So, there’s no way to get rid of this watermark anymore???

Can anyone give me advice please! Is there really no way back to an earlier version???

I’m in shock! I don’t want this really…

Hi Karl, the mobile source is a new feature for us and we are working to update it to make it better. Thanks for your suggestions!

manycamuser, we’ve updated the file, can you try again and see if it works?

ilovemanycam 2 years ago

it works good and yeah we need those options what other commenters have mentioned here.

Please fix the upside down images for mobile source or add some auto rotate option. u can take reference from evaer Skype recorder if u want for those options.

Excited for another update, maybe some upgrade option would be added to desktop n some to smartphone app

Kim McTighe 2 years ago

I love that you can stream youtube I just wish you could stream live events on youtube! That would be so cool if you could.

Brian Hillard 2 years ago

Bring back the option to hide the ManyCam logo.
Otherwise you can forget it, sorry.

I upgraded to the latest free version from the earlier one. Yeah – i also don’t like the fact that I cant get rid of the logo. More importantly, all of my videos now play back in a herky jerky fashion and not at the correct, smooth video speed.

Additionally, if i try to record an mp4 formatted video, all manycam does is save saves a still photograph – no video at all, even though it looks like it is recording a video when I try to record one.

What is up with this? Are you trying to drive users to other brands? This doesn’t make me want to upgrade to pro. It makes me fear that by upgrading to pro, I’m going to spend money on something that doesn’t work right.

The audio playback is choppy when playing mp3 files.

Tester 2 years ago

video files doesn’t work in loop mode. The video always stops at its end.

Tester – we are working on a fix for the loop mode.

Ace – If you are having problems with video recording, I would suggest contacting our support team at so they can investigate the issue with you and find a solution.

Some YouTube videos are not displaying correctly on ManyCam. The video gets distorted and appears as diagnal lines.

Also, some YouTube video won’t play and shows “Invalid Source”. Not sure what is causing this. I’m guessing maybe they are copyrighted videos or videos with ads.

Loop mode is a major defect for broadcasters. Hoping that gets fixed very soon.

Sean – please refer to our FAQ on how to get mp4 and other format videos to play in ManyCam 4: to get MP4 (and other formats) videos to play in version 4?

and why now as of today my antivirus blocking manycam from working? says threat found and infected files malsign.vivicom.891 does someone else have that problem?

Luc – we are aware of the issue with AVG, and were working with them to fix the issue. Try completely uninstalling and reinstalling, it should work.

Brian Hillard 2 years ago

You still have not addressed the issues with Windows 8.1 either?

Hey! I have a little issue with my manycam pro software. I recently updated to version 4.0.97, when I add the microphone to the broadcast image when I record I can hear a bit of static. I have tried uninstall and reinstall but nothing seems to work. I run a radio station with professional equipment and need a solution for my issue.

I am pasting a link for you to hear the noise.

Brian – Can you clarify what issue you are referring to for 8.1? Our latest version is now working with Metro apps if that is what you mean. But if you are having other problems please let us know or contact our support.

Jorge – We will have the static issue fixed in our next update.

Too much money for this – lets be reasonable ! I would have bought PRO if when clicking the the “BUY” page, I saw some reasonable amount, not 54 or whatever it was – big turn off. Even promo codes to make it reasonable amount would be better even if you could not “reduce price:” !!

fairytales 2 years ago

Well i just purchased manycam pro ..but whenever i try and play a youtube video its telling me invalid url ….not happy ….