ManyCam 4.0 Is Officially Available for Download!

(Check out ManyCam 6, the newest version: What you need to know about the new Manycam 6 )



We are very excited to announce that ManyCam 4.0 for Windows is now available for download. This major release is a huge improvement from our 3.X software and includes several awesome new features and functionalities as well as a fresh new look! Some of the major updates include a new user-interface, a new Gallery tab to easily store pictures and videos, drag and drop functionality, the ability to share your photos and videos to social media sites directly from the software, as well as a new search feature to easily find effects. We’ve also improved our audio and video core functionality, and made taking snapshots and recording videos easier for our users. Our website even has a fresh new look as well!

Download ManyCam 4.0 Today

ManyCam 4 Pro is also available, and can be purchased on our website. Please note that version 4.0 is not compatible with previous versions of ManyCam Pro, so you will need a new license code for ManyCam 4 Pro. If you are already a ManyCam Pro user, you are eligible to purchase the update at 50% off, click here for more details. Users who recently purchased ManyCam Pro after November 1st are eligible to get a free license, in this case you can contact us for details.


Here’s what’s new with ManyCam 4.0:

New User-Interface:  ManyCam has a completely redesigned look and feel! Our UI is more intuitive and everything is now organized under three main tabs: Video, Effects and Gallery, along with convenient placements of different tools in the lower tabs.  The ManyCam window is now also resizable.

New Gallery Feature – Now you can easily store and access your snapshots and recordings in the new Gallery tab!

Effects Tab & Organization – Effects are now better organized into folders under the Effects tab. Users can still access the effects page on our website from the software in order to download more.

New Emoticon Effect Category – We’ve included a new category of effects that we call Emoticons! Emoticons are cool smilies that appear over your video window to show your current mood.  Now you can add cool emoticons to your videos and pictures with ManyCam.

New Favorites Area – You can now drag and drop your frequently used effects for easy access in the new Favorites section of the ManyCam window.

Search Feature – We’ve added a Search Box to ManyCam so you can easily find effects, pictures or videos that you created.

New “Settings” Window – We’ve updated our Settings window so that you can customize various ManyCam settings. With the new settings you can change the default naming and storage of your media files, change the resolution of your videos and images, change your audio playback device, and set up internet proxy settings.

New “On-Air” Feature – This allows you to track what applications or websites are currently using ManyCam.

System Sound Default Microphone – This feature allows you to capture sound directly from your PC. This feature is only for Windows Vista+ users.

Recording in MP4 – ManyCam 4 can now record in MP4 format! (Only available for Windows 7 and 8.0 OS users.)


We’ve worked really hard on this update to make sure ManyCam continues to be the most useful audio and video tool. As always, we appreciate any feedback you may have.  If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or comments.

Try ManyCam 4 today and let us know what you think! We hope you enjoy it.


The ManyCam Team


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140 Responses

Hello. I’m having issues streaming media to the Manycam Virtual Webcam. Media is playing and viewable in Manycam but not in Firefox. It only uses my physical webcam even though your virtual cam is selected.

I will be waiting for the rename video source to come back before paying to upgrade to 4.0. Great program overall, but the rename video source is a non-starter for a lot of us pranksters. Please fix!

When I have “line in” audio from board (Mackie 802-VLZ3) into Audacity, I get rich, mellow and clear recording at 44100 stereo. When I select same “line in” to Manycam 4.0 pro, I get a clipping/popping. I have adjusted my levels low for the input, but cannot get rid of the popping. Any thoughts?

FIN Awesome Production – please contact our helpdesk so we can gather logs to fix this.

Problem: Ustream Producer and Wirecast don’t recognize Manycam as a source anymore. This seems like the problem is with Manycam.

Looks great on the PC. What’s the story with a Mac Update??? Quiet since October?

Peter – we will have another Mac update within the next week or so.

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Giuseppe 4 years ago

Hi! In some site Manycam source can’t be recognized.
I think you should get back the possibility to rename the source.

thank u

IceSage 4 years ago

The ManyCam Source rename should be brought back. Why remove features that people use and seem to be demanding?

Sites like Omegle tell the other user that they may be “simulated” which is true. However, people tend to read this as “This is definitely simulated.”

There are other websites that also block ManyCam entirely, they still exist, just not “popular” ones that you claim “nobody blocks anymore.”

Adding this would be much appreciated! Regardless, it was fun to rename your source anyway.

Rcballa12 4 years ago

Hi all, I’ve found the solution to the problem with ManyCam 4 and not being able to rename your custom video source. A Registry edit is required, but it works to allow you to rename the source as you wish:

1) find the following key
“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\DeviceClasses\{65E8773D-8F56-11D0-A3B9-00A0C9223196}\##?#ROOT#MEDIA#0000#{65e8773d-8f56-11d0-a3b9-00a0c9223196}\#GLOBAL\Device Parameters”

2) Modify the “FriendlyName” item with the custom name you choose (i.e. “Logitech Webcam Pro 9002” without quotes)

3) done!

What’s the news on the Mac update?

Homofotze 4 years ago

The ManyCam Source rename should be brought back.


When version 4 is running in the System tray it hogs the main audio source and won’t release it for third party apllications (ie ASIO4ALL).

Version 3.0.64 doesn’t do this, even when it’s running in the System tray.

Any fixes on the horizon ?



bring back custom sources I will not be buying an upgrade until then.

Glad I didn’t buy new version, we can’t make custom video source anymore, så every one Thinks you’re a fake on sites like omegle etc. too bad, it ws a good piece of software, guess i’ll be using an alternative now.

Hi Klavs, We are working on bringing back a similar feature in future updates.

Hi how can i vieew video i captured, my pc suddenly go off. I jhave file 0bytes, but when i opened it nothing, but in properties says 270 mb, so probably it has been saved just didint finished properly, how can i finish it, it s so imprtant, i dont want to loose it..pls

LjBhadz 4 years ago

My computer suddenly crashed and cannot boot again,,,im trying to use my code in manycam after i format my pc but how can i deactivate it if i already formated the pc? pls help me.thanks..

I’ve now upgraded to the last v4 releases from v3 and non of the v4 released seem to be outputting a video stream to the ‘ManyCam Virtual Webcam’ and the ‘manycam video source’ is no longer available. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

Hi Ted, can you email so we can investigate? it might also help if you provide screenshots.

i how can i vieew video i captured, my pc suddenly go off. I jhave file 0bytes, but when i opened it nothing, but in properties says 270 mb, so probably it has been saved just didint finished properly, how can i finish it, it s so imprtant, i dont want to loose it..pls

I posted it before, anyone can help pls?

thank you

Karlo, you should be able to view your videos in the gallery tab. You can also change your settings so that your videos save to a specific folder on your computer. If your computer crashes, please contact so they can gather logs and investigate the issue.

How can i use the function keys or number keys or any hotkey to switch Video cameras? This function exists? Thanks!

Rogério Leite

Leo Beltran 4 years ago

subtittle, .srt … when? 🙂

Hi Rogerio,

You can use ALT + number keys to switch video sources.