ManyCam 4.1 for Mac OS: IP camera compatibility & more!

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ManyCam 4.1 changes

Dear ManyCam Mac Customer,

ManyCam 4.1 for Mac is here! Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made some great improvements that will enhance your video streams, chats and calls!

We’re sharing our excitement by highlighting some of our new features and offering you 20% discount prices to upgrade!

ManyCam Mac now supports IP Cameras from most manufacturers; you can now benefit from this highly used video source and stream live videos from wherever you have your IP Camera set up!

We’ve also :

  • Added MJPEG support for IP Cameras – Standard, Studio & Enterprise
  • Added H.264 support for IP Cameras – Studio & Enterprise
  • Resolved a desktop capture issue for users with 2 monitors
  • Fixed various bugs and improved stability & performance to create an even better experience than ever!

Download ManyCam 4.1 now

Update to ManyCam 4.1

ManyCam 4.1 is a free update for current ManyCam 4 Mac users. For users who are presently using an older version of ManyCam for Mac, update to ManyCam 4.1 to enjoy all of our new features and improvements!

If you’re already a ManyCam 4 Standard, Studio or Enterprise user there is nothing more you need to pay for! All you need to do is click on “Download” under the “Free” column and then follow the installation instructions. This will bring your version of ManyCam up to date with the latest version that is available without removing your activated features.


ManyCam video tutorials

Need help using ManyCam? Check out the how-to videos on ManyCam’s official YouTube channel

How to set up IP cameras : How to add an IP camera as a video source in ManyCam

7 Responses

Jon Haider 3 years ago

Unfortunately when installed on my Mac, and after purchasing the $20 license, there is no menu bar icon (as was the case on previous versions of manycam) so there’s no way to activate the license. I paid for a license but I can’t activate my paid version of manycam, so I’m stuck with the shitty free version (watermark logo cannot be hidden) even after buying the license. Very frustrating!

Please contact regarding your issues. The team should respond very quickly. Thanks!

Richard 3 years ago

Same to my i bought STUDIO on your website for my mac after activating the code theres no option to remove the watermark logo fuckin rip off!! I already email you guys and message you on facebook but they ignoring me only liar!!!! Im not gonna be ok on this after i paid then thats it? Im gonna report this to my bank as a fraud!!!

Nicole 3 years ago

So the PC version code I bought a couple months back doesn’t work on my new mac??? The funny thing is I noticed we get HALF of the features we get on PC on the MAC version??? I will not purchase the code again .. When will we get the same features ? Custom Video Sources etc? What can I do?

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