ManyCam 5.4: Features & improvements for Windows

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ManyCam 5.4 changes

Dear Windows users, ManyCam 5.4 is here! With your feedback we’ve made some great improvements that we think will enhance your video streams, chats and calls!

First off, we’ve completely enhanced the RTMP streaming feature (authorization, RTMPS, RTMPE and RTMPT) and even improved the UI for an easier streaming experience on your favorite websites (UStream, Livestream, Youtube …)! Also, you can directly broadcast on Facebook Live from ManyCam.

Many of you asked for a specific control bar to manage your video within the webcam software. We heard you and we are happy to announce we integrated a Play/Pause control for local media files and YouTube sources.

For Standard edition users, the custom watermark feature is now available for you to use (limited to one) and it is possible to rename the virtual camera as you need.

Furthermore, ManyCam 5.4 offers you a all new ManyCam mobile support (BETA) to use ManyCam wherever you are and stream from any iOS or Android device that is connected to your ManyCam account!

Finally, we fixed various bugs, and improved stability & performance to create an even better experience!


Download ManyCam 5.4 now!

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Manycam 5.4 : New UI


Update to ManyCam 5.4

ManyCam 5.4 is a free update for current ManyCam 5 users. For users who are presently using an older version of ManyCam, update to ManyCam 5.4 to enjoy all of our new features and improvements!

We’ve also been receiving a couple support requests asking how to upgrade. If you’re already a ManyCam 5 Standard, Studio or Enterprise user there is nothing more you need to pay for! All you need to do is click on “Download” under the “Free” column and then follow the installation instructions. This will bring your version of ManyCam up to date with the latest version that is available without removing your activated features.

ManyCam video tutorials

Need help using ManyCam? Check out the how-to videos on ManyCam’s official YouTube channel

How to broadcast live on the Web : How to use ManyCam RTMP to broadcast live on the Web 


4 Responses

Victor Herrmann 2 years ago

I am sick of many cam and its cheap crap, I just upgraded and now I got nothing cam wise for cam. this is typical I am on windows 10 fresh install on a new machine. Many cam is bs its always to buggy and time to split for x split where I pay less for a operating system or I cancel.

my mic will not broadcast in manycam anymore using chrome why is this / can you help me to fix it

Guy Gravel 2 years ago

I think Manycam , do NOT do there do diligent.. meaning that.. you Need To Do Proper QA ( Quality Assurance) on your New Updates) this is the 3rd time I Update from “new build” and each time I loose my IP cams (3) that always worked prior to the update. tried the “Reset settings” from manycam, that simply removed the IP cams… adding them back did nothing. (rebooted a few times also..) I will (need) now to completely uninstall the application and re-install. Also to mention.. for paying customers.. DO NOT IMPLEMENT “beta” version.. unless you are willing to PAY use ( manycam user) to do you’re quality assurance for you.. that’s just un professional.. I dont wont to offend anybody, but I say it like it is.. ( for me anyway).. If you need me to do your Quality Assurance, just pay me back the $$ I invested. and I will do your QA for free. if not. DONT EVER put beta on Paying customers..
thank you in advance for looking into these Issues.


Norton Security has flagged your wsetup.eve as being infected with Heur.AdvMl.C As a paid user, I cannot in any good conscience take a risk with such a flawed product as yours. Too bad that I had liked the basic features of your program but I do not appreciate trojans.