ManyCam 5: Now with Custom Watermarks!

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(Check out ManyCam 6, the newest version: What you need to know about the new Manycam 6 )


We’ve just released ManyCam 5.2 with a brand new feature called Custom Watermarks and several improvements to current functionalities like Lower Thirds!

The new Custom Watermarks feature allows you to upload multiple personalized watermarks and broadcast them to your favorite web applications. You can choose to promote your website on one web application, your blog on another, and highlight your gamer tag on a third…ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

You broadcast one stream but your various audiences will see the custom watermark you choose to display to each! We’ve taken flexibility to a whole new level!

This tutorial will show you how to add the custom watermark:

ManyCam 5.2 is a free update for current ManyCam 5 customers. The Custom Watermarks feature is available in ManyCam 5 Studio and Enterprise editions.

Download ManyCam 5.2 today!


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5 Responses

I have a standard paid license and lost the ability to rename my webcam after updating to the latest version.
Now I’d have to pay $65 to upgrade to studio version just to get this feature again. Please don’t rip off your paid users.
You used to take away features for free users and now you are taking away features for paid users.

I have manycam 5 studio but I can not get the upgrade to download. All I can figure is to click the buy button for studio version but my product code does not act as a discount code. so I have no clue how to upgrade to 5.2

Please help

Hi Armenia!

Is it possible to subsequently upgrade an already purchased activation key for a lower edition to a higher edition (for example Studio->Enterprise) at a discounted price if I later realize that I need more features and/or activations?