ManyCam and Windows 8 work great together!

ManyCam works great with Microsoft Windows 8.  If you are having problems using ManyCam after upgrading to Windows 8 please try uninstalling ManyCam and reinstalling.

We have seen reports from some users that ManyCam doesn’t work properly after upgrading to Windows 8 and a reinstall will solve the problem.

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5 Responses

I tried a reinstall, but I still have a problem where the screen capturing freezes when I lock the screen (Windows Key + L) and only resumes when I log back in. This didn’t occur with Windows 7.

Doesn’t work for me after I installed on Windows 8. The icon goes to the system tray but I cannot open it or get a menu when I right click the icon.

Andrew 4 years ago

I tried this on Windows 8 and it didn’t work at all…. doesn’t load or anything. I did not have many cam before I upgraded or anything, just a fresh install on my Windows 8 computer and nothing. 🙁

Cant get my cam working on win8 with manycam, just shows a grey screen.. ?

cant get it working with my cam on acer 5630 just shows up as a grey screen