ManyCam Custom Video Source Name Privacy

Sometimes random chat sites like Omegle will monitor what video source you are using and give a custom message to other people you are video chatting with.  This is probably because someone abused their system or broke their rules in the past with some type of virtual webcam software.  People who abuse chat sites like Omegle will get permanently banned from the service.

Most people who use ManyCam use it in positive ways, for example artists who create awesome drawings of the person they are video chatting with or people who use our text over video feature to teach others a new language.  ManyCam’s video and audio effects are also very fun to try out on sites like Omegle or Chatroulette.

We sometimes use sites like Omegle and Chatroulette to test our software and make sure it’s functioning properly before releasing new versions. I think it’s unfair to artists, musicians, software developers, and other positive ManyCam users to have a negative message associated with their video.  Fortunately there is an easy way to regain your privacy with ManyCam.

ManyCam Custom Video Source

Go to the top left ManyCam “Video” tab then choose “Sources”.  At the bottom left of the window you’ll see “Custom Video Source”.  Change your video source name to whatever you want like “my cool webcam” and then restart your browser and you have now regained your privacy.  This feature does not work on the Chrome browser or for Mac users currently.

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Hey! Sadly when I have used Omegle and completed the above tip the users I am chatting with still receive the same custom message.

I am also using Firefox and have tried with different explorer’s.

Hope you can help!



I just tested with the latest version of ManyCam and it seems to be OK.

Hey, I’m having the same problems, omegle keeps telling everyone i’m using ur software which makes everyone think I am fake, I need a solution to this problem as I really don’t want to have to switch from Manycams

When will you have an update out for Mac computers to fix this problem? Thank you.

Not sure if my first comment went through. Can you have the video playing time displayed again when the progress bar is hovered or dragged as in previous versions? Just a minor thing I noticed.

Other than that, great software and update. I can confirm that the Custom Video Source Name works in Firefox (and also my Chrome).

Hi, I’m using Firefox & Internet Explorer and I’m still getting the same message even after using your tip about renaming custom video source on Manycam.

It still says ‘ManyCam Virtual Webcam’ on Omegle when I connect.

Please help as I will have to use a different app where you can rename the source as people I meet on there think I’m fake.


Hello again, yes I agree with Todd about returning the video playing time feature please.

After a bit of experimenting, I can confirm that the ‘custom video source’ renaming tip only works on 32-bit browsers, not 64-bit.

Any chance this could be rectified?


annnabee 3 years ago

i agree with todd and anna but make the displayed time for videos permanent


When is a Mac update coming out? This is a great feature that you definitely should bring to the Mac. Why not update it with only this new feature? You said that a completely new Mac version was coming out.. but that was almost a year ago. Where is it?

lalala 3 years ago

hi. I switched my Imac to mountain lion recently and downloaded the latest version of many cam. But now, i can’t select manycam in the list when i use omegle or chatroulette (for example), i just can choose the default cam of the computer (ishight). It worked perfectly when i was under Snow leopard: i had the isight and many cam cmyb and rgb and i was able to choose one of them. What can i do? what is the problem?


mac'er 3 years ago

I would like this feature on a mac version of manycam.

When I use this on both Chrome and IE, it stills displays the message on Omegle.

Sandy Zacs 3 years ago

Some people use fake video or text over video in omelge. Still it is not giving any warning of what software they use, means there is a way to hide the software name. Text can be transmitted from powerpoint and it works. No idea how they do video. May be its a different software. Anyone, any idea, HOW THEY DO IT?

When will this be brought to mac users? Please release something for mac that patches this problem. Thanks.

The second they fix this feature for all OS and browsers Ill be buying