ManyCam for Mac issues on Flash websites


We’ve recently received a few emails from users about ManyCam for Mac not working on some Flash based websites such as Omegle. We are still working on an update for our Mac software. In the meanwhile, if you are having trouble viewing ManyCam as a video source, try using different browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Or if it shows up as a black screen on some websites, also try different browsers. Sometimes using a browser other than Safari will temporarily solve the problem. Thanks for your patience!

ManyCam 6 is now available for Mac, so make sure your software is up to date.

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42 Responses

robot13 5 years ago

it works perfectly on a mac under mountain lion and with the latest version. Not working with Mavericks and the latest version of Manycam.

No, it doesn’t work. Tried chrome and firefox and still doesnt work. Too bad cause I was ready to buy the pro version. now I’m not!

Jarrett 5 years ago

Actually own 2 licenses and can’t use it because I’m on mavericks. Tried all Safari, Chrome, Firefox.

robot13 5 years ago

i mean, with the previous version (not the latest) sorry…

JonSnow 5 years ago

Any word on when this will be solved?

We are still working on this, and will hopefully have an updated version soon!

Hi, I have the Pro version in few pc I can use?

Jarrett 5 years ago

Any estimate on mavericks issue being solved?

Hello, when can we expect to have an update solving this issue ? Actually, ManyCam is useless on a Mac, this is not acceptable on a 50$ software.

Best Regards.

Getting restless waiting for a mac update…

Its been 6 months, I think the hopes of this program being fixed are slim to none, anyone know of another program I can use?

any update or any suggestions on an alternate software to use?

It’s taking so long for that update. We need it working on mac and the “custom source name” too. I paid for pro and until now it feels like i throw my money on trash. Please release a new version!

JonSnow 5 years ago

Can ADMIN at least just tell us whether we should keep our hopes up or not? Everyone has a Mac this is getting ridiculous!

Hi everyone, we are still working on a Mac update. Please understand development does take some time. For any support related issues, please contact our help desk as they can provide assistance in some situations. Apologies for the inconvenience, but we appreciate your patience.

Carmelia 5 years ago

Hello, when I updated my Skype and Manycam to its most current versions, Manycam causes Skype to crash 2 minutes into the video chat. Any reason why?

I just got manycam for mac yesterday and was puzzling over why it wouldn’t work. Kind of a bummer to finally find out it just doesn’t work. Keep at it Manycam, I’d really like to use your product. Think of all the ‘Pros you will sell when you fix it 🙂

Echo Z 5 years ago

I purchased ManyCam Pro before I discovered it will not work on any of the sites I planned to use it on. In theory, I liked this product….but Months later it still sits on my computer unused, day after day. Kind of a bummer.

Jarrett 5 years ago

Still no word from Manycam. I even emailed for a refund on both my licenses and was ignored. Poor way to do business in my opinon

Jarrett 5 years ago

Still no response from your company!

I am also having issues with Skype calls – it crashes a few minutes in. Please provide a fix for this.

I bought the Pro version not realizing how far behind the PC version it was. I needed to PIP and other features, but feel like the Mac version is given ‘when we get to it’ status. I wouldn’t complain publicly about free or inexpensive software, but for $50 software, it is ridiculous. 🙁

I’d prefer smaller releases more often rather than once a year. Please update on the latest status of the Mac release or should I ask for a refund?

Jarrett 5 years ago

Still no response to my email from your company. Amazing customer service!

carno45 5 years ago

The problem came from the last version of adobe flash player.
1) Go here to unistall your version of flash
2) Install a old version and it work

In my mind, i used the version 11.9.900.117 appeared the 08/10/2013

Jarrett – we don’t provide customer service on this blog, you would need to contact as listed on our contact page on our website.

John Mooglesworth 5 years ago

I recently purchased this app for osx 10.8.5
It does not work for streaming websites using flash.
I would like th option to change the source video name and do not know how to do so, I looked everywhere.
Please help.

DA Dreyer 5 years ago

Was going to buy Pro. Does many cam work with OS X Yosemite Version 10.10?

Let me know, I’m waiting.

Awaiting for a fix for Yosemite 10.10

We have one more month until comments are closed, can we get an update soon? Was going to buy Pro but perhaps not anytime soon.

I have my mac and it doesn’t list the manycams as a program to use. Is this a common error cause I bought the pro thinking it would work. If I cant get it to work can I get a refund.

Very disappointed. Just bought the PRO now and discovered it’s not working with Flash camera settings in Yosemite 10.10

Echo Z 5 years ago

I was hoping when I upgraded to Yosemite that ManyCam would finally work on flash sites. The answer was a big letdown. Manycam is still not working. Why is this so hard to fix? Why release a new Mac version of your software and have it still be broken?? I am so frustrated with this situation & software.

PLEASE fix this!

still waiting for a answer. I posted this on Nov 15th and the admin still wont answer.
I have my mac and it doesn’t list the manycams as a program to use. Is this a common error cause I bought the pro thinking it would work. If I cant get it to work can I get a refund.

still waiting for a answer. I posted this on Nov 15th and the admin still wont answer.

mwelch – please try using a different browser like FireFox or Chrome.

i have a macbook pro with OS X Yosemite version 10.10.1
i have manycam version
Will not work on Skype or omegle. i have tried omegle with safari, firebox, and chrome. neither of them show manycam as a option. i checked and made sure flash is updated. i paid for the pro version but have not been able to use it. will there be a fix soon? if not ill be requesting a refund. thank you

Hi Don – this might be due to the problems we are having with Yosemite, our team is working on a fix for this. We hope to have a new version ready soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any other inquiries or need further assistance, please contact us at Thanks.

Any information on the problem with using manycam with os x Yosemite 10.10.1

Does downloading Manycam 4.0.97 fix this problem? I’m having the same issue of Flash Player not recognizing Manycam as a video source. I’m using my mac (Yosemite 10.10). I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few different Flash Player versions, installing and reinstalling Manycam, using Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, I’ve tried starting Firefox in 32-bit mode. Nothing has worked 🙁
Someone please heeeelp.


Same here manycam is not working anymore with yosemite. When will there be a fix ready?

Just purchased ManyCam 3 and cannot use it for what I purchased it for … a site called SingSnap.cop. I’m on a MacBookPro – Maverick. I can get the cam to show up in SingSnap using Chrome and FireFox (not Safari), but just get a blank screen.

SingSnap staff said: My guess is that ManyCam has not updated things to run on a 64 bit system. I don’t believe Mavericks offers any way to run a program in 32 bit mode. Older Mac OS X versions did offer that. When looking for how it appears that Apple no loner supports that after Mountain Lion. They recommend contacting the software vendor for a 64 bit compatible version.

Any idea when this will be solved? ManyCam us useless to me at this point.

So bummmmmed!! I have been waiting for this for 2 yrs plus! Run my cam through it for my chat room, or shall I say I did on windows.