ManyCam Is Windows 7 Compatible


ManyCam has been officially recognized by Microsoft to be compatible with Windows 7.   Are you planning to upgrade to Windows 7 today?  ManyCam will work with all versions of Windows 7 including 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

Of course ManyCam also continues to work with Microsoft Vista and XP as usual.  Please let us know if you find any problems by leaving some blog comments.

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I have a Philips SPC900NC/00 camera and have experienced issues with Manycam under Vista (32-bit). The camera works fine with Manycam under XP. This issue was also reported by another user.

I get an error when I try to click on

“Philips SPC 900NC PC..” under Sources->Cameras

The error I get is:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: ManyCam.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 49e81ca9
Fault Module Name: kernel32.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6001.18215
Fault Module Timestamp: 49953395
Exception Code: e06d7363
Exception Offset: 000442eb
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 2a55
Additional Information 2: 129e5525ed0cd075286511e942ed2bf6
Additional Information 3: 6dd2
Additional Information 4: e077b2441fb910819cd95fd7c6f43523

I am not the only user who is experiencing this:

vi77ain 9 years ago

We want a playlist option on the Twilight Zone channel on jtv. It would be awesome. Thx!!

littleantz 9 years ago


Nice to here that manycam is win7 ready but I hope someone from the development team look at the issue with grabeex products.

I have posted this on previous version of manycam but until now I am not able to use manycam with grabeex

Here is the site of grabeex for your reference.

littleantz 9 years ago

Another video capture card that can’t be use with manycam is osprey 210

Daniel 9 years ago

Does this version FINALLY let us choose the capture frame rate?
It’s way too low for many appliances… 🙁


i use windows 7 and i tried manycam but is not working can i get some help?

Torphie 9 years ago

Hi Julia

Downloaded and installed ManyCam ver 2.4 and it wouldn’t work with Win 7, I then used Troubleshoot compatibility checker (right click on ManyCam app) and voila it works perfectly now.

Hope this works for you

I just upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 tonight and ManyCam stopped working. I get an error that says it created a dump file and fields to email it. Any suggestions?

Can I use a TV card with manycam.

I see ManyCam was written for Windows OS and, now also, for Mac OS. When if ever, will there be a version for Linux user’s?

Would have thought that the developers of manycam may have written a tutorial covering using manycam under WINE for Linux user’s. Must have been too much trouble for them?

I have been using ManyCam on vista for quite a while. Since yesterday, I have a machine with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and start having problems with ManyCam. When I select my cam source (Philips SPC 900NC/00), the application crashes. It also happens when selecting a “Blank Image” instead of the cam. I have read that more people have problems like this. Is the cause known (i.e. ManyCam or Philips driver problem) and a perhaps fix available?


Anyone besides me having problems running the latest version 2.4 with Skype?

I cannot find out how to turn OFF the dynamic effects on ManyCam. Starting them is easy – but if I want to go back to plain ol’ webcam without the effects, there’s no “off” button visible, and it’s apparently not included in “help” (such as it is).

Is there some kind of toggle for the dynamic stuff?



We have the same camera and it looks like the same general problem. My issue was that the SPC 900NC was working fine in XP (32-bit) and no longer works in Vista (crashes as stated above). Windows 7 and Vista seem similar so I would imagine the same issue exists.

I have contacted Manycam through email and the blog without seeing any feedback. I would prefer to hear “we won’t fix this issue” than nothing at all.

Hopefully the 900NC users can supply enough debug information to help the developers fix the issue – but I see no movement on the part of the developers.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a camera that quite matches all the specs of the 900NC – so for an old camera – it’s holding up fairly well.

My solution at the moment is to avoid using Manycam.

I also upgraded to Win7 64, i use a canon minidv , and a winfast aplication for tc tunner.When i open manycam the image is black, and if i try to select winfast as video sourse it tells me it can not connect to video source and i have to select some other video source.
Is this error from my camera or the winfast application? Or is the manycam who in fact , does not work properly on Win7 as announced?
Thank you.

i have windows 7 and my camera does not work on it


I can’t explain it but my problem with ManyCam on Windows 7 and Philips SPC 900NC disappeared as soon as I installed Google video chat. May be ManyCam doesn’t work with Philips web cam when it is the only one installed.

fire_rabbit 8 years ago

Hey there,

I got the same problems to alex’s. Actually, No software can recognizes the manycam device except the console from manycam itself under Windows 7 x64.
But i can see the manycam device being installed and working properly in Device Manager :: ‘Sound, video and game controllers’.
More, I need a function that can let the video from virtual camera running before login to the desktop, Not just show a static image to ask you running the manycam console.

I also like to know the possibility and when to add the feature that can use DLLs as the video-effect filter pluggins, like the SoftCam/MagicCam/WebcamMax does.


I did what Torphie suggested. So far, so good. The troubleshoot wizard seems to work for ManyCam on Win 7. First time I have had that wizard solve an incompatible program. Cheers.

My situation:
1) Windows 7
2) Invoke ManyCam 2.4 (latest version)
3) Invokde Microsoft Windows Live Messanger
4) Connect with someone on Live Messanger
5) Chat back and forth – no problem
6) Set Video Source to ManyCam
7) All working great!
8) Attempt to share my Webcam (regardless if Source is Webcam or a video)
9) Windows Live Messanger crashes

Any ideas? Thanks!

This latest version still gives me a missing codec problem with the dynamics background on my win7 laptop. Installed the Indeo 5.11 codec packs and still not able to use any of the dynamic backgrounds.