ManyCam Mac 2.0.38 and ManyCam Mac Pro Are Now Available!

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Great news! ManyCam Mac 2.0.38 is now available for download! This new version includes a new Mac virtual video driver with 64-bit applications support as well as other bug fixes and stability improvements. Users have also mentioned a few problems with Mavericks and we are currently working on another update to fix these issues – stay tuned.

Download the new version today!

ManyCam Mac Pro is also now available to purchase. Users can now use a new preview mode to edit videos before switching. Upgrading to ManyCam Mac Pro also permanently disables the logo & watermark. You can purchase this new version for only $49.95 by clicking here.



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BORIS DAYAN 3 years ago

how do I download programa?

Does this solve the “may be using a simulated webcam” issue on Omegle?

Martina 3 years ago

I cant believe it! NOT for Snow Leopard anymore? I will not change my cool SL just for Manycam. I would purchase this program if it would be for SL again.
This is rediculous!
So many people use SL even in 2013 !

Warning: does not work with OS Mavericks — at least not for me.

Movies on videos sources does not work

michael 3 years ago

as a manycam user on osx 10.6.8 i was very sad that there was no PRO version to buy. Now, there is a pro version and i cant use it on snow leo ? this is really not acceptable.
the older version for 10.6.8. was boring since there were no PRO features. i dont understand the company politics on that topic.
please make the pro version available for snow leo users too.

thank you.

peterpp 3 years ago

Like this software, but having a lot of issues with this release. Play a video in MC, then change focus to a different application, then go back to MC causes video to restart from the beginning. Videos also jump back to the beginning at random times.

Running Mavericks on a new Macbook Pro.

Every time i try to change my source to video, it freezes the webcam, and nothing happens

whats the best codec to stream videos on skype, tinychat, omegle?

Doesn’t work in Mavericks. Free or Pro. Feel like I’ve been scammed out of $50, to be honest.

Oh, wait – they’re working on an update. Let’s see if that works.

JSR, if you are unhappy then contact our helpdesk and we’ll refund you. Also I’m using Mavericks and we tested with Mavericks. Can you be more specific about what “doesn’t work”?

Thanks and I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues. Sometimes a completely uninstall, a new reinstall and a new Pro activation will help.

admin, can you answer whether this version includes the ability to change the name of the video source? to eliminate the privacy issue you’ve mentioned in previous posts

also, when I try to use new version in Mavericks, the videos all play in crazy colors and hues

I am using Maverick and I am unable to see the Manycam video Source in Google Hangouts. Is there anything I can do to get that to work?

Just downloaded this version of ManyCam on a 2011 15″ MBP, and ManyCam immediately takes 45% CPU and remains there while running.

What is going on here?


No matter what I do, ManyCam does NOT work in Safari. I’ve managed to see it working in Firefox and Chrome (all latest and greatest versions), but it will not work (or even appear at all as an option in the Flash dialog box) in Safari 7.0.

For FWIW, it didn’t working on Safari 6 in Mountain Lion either.

Between the lack of Safari, and the constant 30-40% CPU usage, I have a hard time understanding how this is even passable as a Mac product at all.

I tried this awful program called iGlasses that, despite being very glitchy and causing some browser hangs when being selected, actually worked Flawlessly to show an effected image or still image or other media-as-webcam, without the massive CPU spike.

Manycam won’t show at all on omegle. All I see is a black screen when I set the source to Manycam.


will be the IP Cam as source like in the Windows Version for Mac available too, and if yes is there a timeline for it


Steve W 3 years ago

Whenever I choose manycam as a source on Chrome it doesn’t turn my isight off, my web cam keeps running. I’m on Mavericks too. Strangely, I had it working but after a few days I had to uninstall and reinstall manycam. Now it’s not working at all.

Peter – sorry that you are having problems with ManyCam on Safari. We are investigating the issue and working on a solution. If you have any other problems/questions you can always contact our help desk for more support.

For all Maverick users – we have an update that will be out shortly that should provide more support for Maverick. Thank you for all your feedback.

no snow leo version? poor. its a shame.

When can we expect the maverick update?

No Snow Leo compatible. This sucks.

in manycam 4.0 how do i change the name of the video source to make it work on omegle? i cant find it.

Johnny, on Omegle there should be a “Camera” drop down list on the video window. You just need to select ManyCam as your video source.

You can find instructions on our help page:

Max Victor 3 years ago

Any news on the update?

This version of Manycam doesn’t works on omegle (but works on chatroulette and other websites). The drop-down menu allows me to choose “manycam” instead of Facetime camera (the default one) but the screen still show the “facetime camera” picture.
As i told upper, it works on many other websites…
How can i do?

now i’m on mavericks, i can’t use the old video i used before on manycam. Maybe because of the size or codec or anything else but it doesn’t works anymore.
There also is a problem with omegle (inable to choose manycam video source).
Can u try to fix it for your next update??

Movies on videos sources does not work… You hear sound but cannot see video.. Whats the problem..Please help me to fix admin.


Using OSX 10.8.5 and Firefox… This update has issues with the “Movie” sources function. If you click away from the manycam window, and then back on it… it restarts the video (back to the start), and also turns volume on (even though the mute button is illuminated).

Same thing for me on this version, the movie restarts when focus is on the app again after clicking away from the main window, sound is also on…when will this be fixed? I purchased the pro version last year and its bad that I have to revert to the old 1.0 version of this app

We are working on another Mac update that fixes the issue with the movie source function.

Is there an ETA on the update? It’s been almost 3 months…

Robert 3 years ago

This version of Manycam (4.0) doesn’t works on omegle (but works on chatroulette and other websites). The drop-down menu allows me to choose “manycam” instead of Facetime camera (the default one) but the screen still show the “facetime camera” picture.
As i told upper, it works on many other websites…
How can i do?

Robert 3 years ago

Where is gonna be ready the new version?. I buy the pro version, and i want to know when i will can use it with omegle without the source problem

Robert – ManyCam 4.0 works on Omegle, you should be able to choose ManyCam from the drop down menu, please check our help page:

Jack – the next Mac update should be out beginning of February.

Doesn’t work on Maverick AT ALL, not working on skype, not working on chrome, not working on safari, not working on firefox. Shouldn’t have waste CA$60 on this!!

Jason Athen 2 years ago

I downloaded ManyCam and installed it on my Mac but it does not appear in Skypes drop down window as a option. Why is this happening?

I have been using ManyCam 1.0.44 on my Macs successfully for many years. Recently, I was prompted to upgrade to ManyCam 2.0.38. While the new version works for most of the applications I use, it no longer works with ispq (9.0 v389). That is, ManyCam is not presented in the list of video sources available to ispq – only the built-in Facetime camera, and my external digital video camera now appear. I realise this may be an ispq issue, and I have written to them. However, it’s ManyCam that I have upgraded, not ispq. Any ideas?



Jason – can you try uninstalling and reinstalling?

Rob – try contacting so they can see if the issue is on our end.