ManyCam Mac 2.0.51 Now Available

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ManyCam Mac 2.0.51 is now available for download on This new version includes a fix for incorrect video scaling on some applications. We’ve also added some fixes for Mac OS X Mavericks and other bug fixes and enhancements. Upgrade to ManyCam Mac 2.0.51 today!


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does this finally resolve the issue where omegle says stranger may be using simulated webcam?

That feature was not ever available for Mac. We are working on bringing back a similar kind of feature for the Windows version.

aaronembry 5 years ago

Firstly, thank for making such a great interface. Loving MAnycam Pro!
Having problms after updating to 2.0.51 with bottom portion of frame cropping out while recording video .

I am recording directly into iMovie and Youtube with the same problem. Text at lower portion of frame gets cropped out.
Didn’t have this problem with earlier ManycamPro version


Aaron – please send over screenshots to so we can further investigate.


Please send me ManyCam Pro activation code on
I also have a problem with recorded videos. they play with no sound please!

Thanks for supporting Mac.

Will the Mac version ever be as close as the Windows version in terms of features? ManyCam for Windows can record video and most importantly pick up audio (from destop or video you are playing) which would make it fantastic for streaming. Its really unfortunate the Mac version is missing key features.

Hi Ted, We are constantly trying to improve the Mac version – but yes it is in our plans to update the Mac version so that it includes more features that resemble the Windows version. This task may take some time but hopefully we’ll have more news about that soon.

Thank You very much! On behalf of all Many Cam for Mac users we greatly appreciate it!

Rajesh 5 years ago

Having an issue on my mac. I can’t seem to find manycam as an option on websites such as chatrandom and omegle. Can’t even find it on Skype. All I see is “Facetime built in camera” as an option and nothing else. Please help! Thank you!

Hi Rajesh,

It should work with Omegle and Skype, please see the how-to instructions for both of these here: , and

Chatrandom has blocked ManyCam, we are working on a solution.

If you still have problems please contact so we can further investigate.

How can I use manycam mac to get google hangouts to recognize my FireWire camera? (OS 10.6.8)

Greg- our mac version works with OS 10.7 or later, so that might be why it is not working.

STILL does not work or is recognized at all by Adobe Flash 12 and Safari 7 on Mac OS 10.9.2.

Basically the only use this product has for me, and it still does not work. What a continued disappointment.

I give up! video source never work, waited like ever for a update and nothing really changed !

macuser 5 years ago

PLS update this for mac os mavericks users.. cause it doesn’t work at all! thx

Hi there, just downloaded and installed. I can see my sources in the Manycam window and I can choose manycam as a source in omegle but it is coming up as a black window in omegle.

can switch back to the built in cam and it works fine.

I am on a macbook pro, OS 10.9.2, Flash I have tried on Firefox and omniweb. It didnt show as a source in Safari,

So not working at all.


Zenman 5 years ago

Hello I have the same problem as the above user MAX. I bought the promo code and used manycam for a while and all of a sudden it just stopped working on omegle or any other video chat programs. The app will load just fine and I can select manycam as a source but the screen is just black. The source within manycam is not set to solid image color. I dont know if its happend after an update ive done so I cant exactly say when I noticed it not working but it did work at some point 3 weeks or so weeks ago. My version of manycam is 2.0.51. I was using firefox version 28.0 and the latest Flash version. My OS is 10.9.2.
Hope this helps,

Same problem as Max. Very frustrating.

Hi Max, Senman and SW – we have received a few comments about this issue. Our team is investigating and working on a solution for this! Thanks for the feedback, we hope to get this fixed soon!

Zenman 5 years ago

Great to hear! Hope it can work out.

great! thanks.

any updates on our issue?

Tried all kinds of things including the 32-bit-mode for Safari etc. But no it doesn’t work. One can select Manycam as an input, but it stays blank or black, no video is shown. Direct cam works fine, no problem. Doesn’t matter if you are in Safari, Firefox or Chrome.
Skype works OK (for once).

It seems to be more of a flash related issue, can you please try downgrading flash and see if it works?

well I can try but is there a plan to update Manycam to work with the new versions of Flash player?

Zennman 5 years ago

I agree with Max. I’m in the it field and I woldnt want to downgrade and jeopardize my systems security.

I am running Mac OS X v 10.9.3. I tried downgrading to Flash 11.7.xx.xx. However, Mavericks blocks it from being used because it is not the latest version of Flash (security concerns). When running Flash, with ManyCam running, as soon as I bring Safari to the foreground, ManyCam disconnects from the built in camera. So it looks like the ball is in your court.

Honestly, I find it irresponsible to ask any user to downgrade a version of software in order to use a product. I certainly don’t intent to do so.

Kristina 5 years ago

Unable to find the ManyCam Pro video option in my Skype at this time, I have restarted it/upgraded Skype to see if that was the problem. The only thing I see is a Facetime HD Built in video.

Kristina – what Mac OS do you have? You can try uninstalling and re-installing. If this doesn’t work, contact so our support team can further investigate the issue.

Jim, Zennman and Max – we are working on a solution for the Flash related issue. But in the meantime, what we can suggest is to try using different browsers. Sometimes if it doesn’t work on Safari, it will work on Chrome or FireFox for example. Let us know if this temporary solution works for some of you.

hi there,

I have tried on Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome. It didn’t work on any of them.

Thank you