ManyCam Mac 4.2 Release: features & improvements

ManyCam 4.2 for Mac promotion

ManyCam Mac 4.2  changes

ManyCam Mac 4.2 is here! We’ve been working hard to bring some of the most requested features to you! And to celebrate, we’re offering up to 35% off the regular upgrade price.


First up is we’ve added Chroma Key for Studio and Enterprise users, so you will now be able to replace your green-screen background in real time! This has been a highly requested feature for a little while now and we’re very happy to have this out for you.

The second feature we’ve added is the YouTube video source, you can now use videos from YouTube as a video source within ManyCam so you can switch between the live video feed from your camera to videos on a whim! We’re also hoping to increase the capabilities of this feature soon so stay tuned for more information!

And finally, we’ve added support for our new Mobile app which is coming out soon! You can learn more and join the Beta Tester program at

This update also brings along many improvements, bug fixes and optimizations which are going to make your streams, chats and conferences much better.

Full Change List:

  • New Chroma Key feature (Studio and Enterprise only)
  • New YouTube Video Source allows you to stream and broadcast videos found on YouTube.
  • Various bug fixes, stability and performance improvements.
  • ManyCam Mobile [ BETA ] support.

Download ManyCam Mac 4.2 now!

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ManyCam 4.2 for Mac UI with chroma key/green screen

In other news, Google Chrome Beta  for MacOS should now work with ManyCam, we’re hoping that they release by the middle of October so be sure to check for Chrome updates soon!


Update to ManyCam Mac 4.2

This update is a free update for all current ManyCam Mac 4 users, just click download on and you’ll be on your way!

If you’re already a paid user, your license will carry over to the latest version so there will be no need to purchase again.


11 Responses

Looks like 4.2 makes my mac pro 2013 lock up. this is the same kind of issue a year or so ago when the mac would blue screen if the app was set to start upon restart. I can use many cam in this version for about a hour or so then the machine locks up. And it restarts itself.

Lucretia Cunningham 3 years ago

Same here! I have mac pro 2015 with mac OS version 10.12 and Many Cam is not compatible when attempting to stream. This is so frustrating because I’ve been using it for the last couple of months and now I’m at a serious WORK STOPPAGE!

I have sent multiple emails to the helpdesk and no reply? Any word on when ManyCam 4.2 will be compatible with the latest Mac OS?

Nicole 3 years ago

When will you guys have the Custom Video Source feature on the mac???? Thanks.

E. Zaylor 3 years ago

Purchased the new version. Each time I attempt to broadcast, I get 5 or so minutes in and manycam freezes up (not responding). Disappointing purchase.

Hey guys, Manycam still not able to run with the new Mac OS more than a few minutes before it crash the system. Any word on when ManyCam for the Mac will be compatible with Mac OS?

When will you implement the “Custom video source name” feature in the mac version. Shouldn’t be that hard to code. People keep asking about it, for years now and nothing happens.

Natalie 3 years ago

What Nicole and Adam said .. why do windows users get more features, but we pay the same.

Where is the custom video source? & stop taking some features and put them in the studio version, you’re not that slick.

Marlissa 3 years ago

this app looks great to me

Xavior Spade 3 years ago

Why do I have to pay for every individual upgrade? Don’t you think thats a bit much?

Daniel 3 years ago

Extremely disappointed with this purchase. If you have a mac, don’t even bother with this.

First, there is a huge lag when you broadcast, doesn’t matter if you change image resolution, its terrible, doesn’t look like you’re broadcasting live.

Then if you manage to get it to somewhat stop lagging, there is a huge decoloration, that is VERY noticeable. I contacted support and their response was to fix the color scale (like I wouldn’t have tried that already).

Not worth your money, just to remove the watermark ?? LOL move on. Clearly this program was made for Windows and they just threw a Mac version to make more money.