ManyCam New Beta Version – quickest and easiest to use, ever

Beta version release

The wait is over

A couple of weeks ago, we’ve told you about some of the new features of the beta version of the new ManyCam. We’ve received many positive comments, and many of you are looking forward to its release and knowing more. And so here is more.


We know you all love different tools within each feature. So in this new beta version, not only do we have new design and increased performance in this new version, you will also be able to favorite widgets and keep them in the favorites “tool” so that you can have all of your most used widgets in one tool and keep what you need most at the top!

3D Face Masks & New Effects

In addition, as per your strong demand, we’ve also added a new 3D face mask library for your live streams and broadcasts. Your videos can now become them more interactive and lively. And if you’ve any suggestions about any mask that you want to see, just let us know!

The fun doesn’t stop there. Here’s another exciting news…this beta version is now RELEASED! Be the 1st to try this new beta, which can be downloaded it here.

Don’t tell your friends, ManyCam’em!

The ManyCam team

5 Responses

Dave Hueton 2 years ago

We are still having trouble attaching IP cameras (Speco brand) to our new version although we have just upgraded to subscriber studio version. Maybe this will help we hope. At least worth a try. What amazes us is the fact that we work with similar products everyday and for companies you probably know the name of. Our hope is that this can be made easy for us and for our clients. We sure will try it. Thanks.

Hi.. i got 8gb ram and still there is issue with speed i.e. there is mismatch of voice and expressions in video ..

Please note my license for Standard plan did not carry over when downloading the Beta version 6 of ManyCam. How do we resolve that?

Also, I still cannot record videos. Everytime I start the video recording function, the program crashes. Is it my system (Computer HP Envy dv7Notebook with Windows 10 Home version 10.0.15063 with Intel Core i7-3630QM) or a bug with ManyCam. I could not record with any previous version either…

Nicole 2 years ago

Are you ever going to update Mac? Or is our money not good enough? …

John Doe 2 years ago

As always. Priority set on Win version, Manycam / Visicom staff having a hard time replying, features for the mac version that have promised for YEARS are not out yet.

Last move, adding a fricking subscription was such a dick move!

Why do you treat mac users so badly?