ManyCam Update for Mac – New Features & Improvements

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Since the launch of ManyCam 6 last year, our team has been working hard to keep improving ManyCam. Our goal is to offer you the best, yet affordable, live streaming and video calling software. So that you can create professional-looking live videos. That’s why we keep developing each feature and adding new ones. This time is no different. We are proud to announce this amazing ManyCam update for Mac and here is what’s changed:

  • Improved GPU-based Hardware Acceleration (Experimental feature)
  • Improved compatibility with Chrome browser, PhotoBooth, Google Hangouts, and other webcam based apps
  • Reduced CPU usage
  • Added hidden/off-screen app capture support
  • Added ability to mirror Apple mobile devices via USB
  • Added Hotkeys feature
  • Resolved several crashes
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements


What’s included in this ManyCam Update for Mac?

GPU-based Hardware Acceleration (Experimental feature)

ManyCam for Mac now has a new experimental feature, which uses the graphics processing unit (GPU) to perform functions more efficiently than they would, running on a general-purpose CPU.

The GPU-based Hardware Acceleration came about because we know how important efficiency is when it comes to live streaming and video calling. We plan to keep working on this feature to maximize the potential of ManyCam without compromising the CPU usage.

Reduced CPU Usage

With the hardware acceleration and other improvements, we were able to reduce CPU usage required to run ManyCam. So, your Mac can focus on other processes while ManyCam runs smoothly stream your live videos.

Hidden/off-screen app capture support

When sharing a specific app or window on your screen, it doesn’t have to be visible anymore. In other words, you can choose to share the app and then minimize it, while still showing it to your audience. This update allows you to be more efficient and organized during your live streams.

Ability to mirror Apple mobile devices via USB

If you connect your Apple mobile device to your computer, ManyCam will allow you to mirror your device during your broadcast. So, you can share your mobile screen with your audience or show them how to use an app.

Improved compatibility with Apps

We also worked on ManyCam’s compatibility with many apps and platforms, including the Chrome Browser, PhotoBooth, Google Hangouts, and other webcam based apps. With this improved compatibility, you get a better performance out of ManyCam and these apps.

Hotkeys feature

To help you increase your productivity when live streaming, we added the Hotkeys. Hotkeys are shortcuts that can activate or deactivate features even if the software is minimized or running in the background. You can easily customize them and decide what keys work best for you.

Apart from all these awesome updates and improvements, our team also resolved several crashes, worked on bug fixes and improved the overall stability of ManyCam for Mac.

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We hope you enjoy this ManyCam update for Mac and remember that there is much more to come!

If you have any questions about this update, let us know in the comment section below.

Note: If you already have a paid subscription to ManyCam, you can update your version for free. Simply go to Download ManyCam, hit the Download button under Free Version. Once you install it, log in to your account, activate your subscription and enjoy ManyCam 6.2!


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12 Responses

Edie Lacroix 1 year ago

When will you perform same updates to the PC platform!? PLEASE! And please add ability to create folders for the items or objects or I need to switch to webcamx

I just updated and did a quick Livestream test on FB and my CPU is only slightly less. It’s running at about 98% now. I’m not sure this is enough of an improvement to help the quality. My livestreams have been very blurry because of the high CPU.

I love the feature of sharing minimized apps and mobile mirroring via USB!

Richard Choronzy 1 year ago

My question is this; when I purchased a year of Manycam 6.x for my Mac just a few months ago, why do I have to pay for this update? That does not make sense? This update is just that, an update fixing things that should have been fixed before. Updates should be free unless it is a major version change.

Tamara Hey 1 year ago

What’s the price of the upgrade?

How do you upgrade for free? I already purchased the software.

Timothy J Hall 1 year ago

I also just bought ManyCam a couple of months ago. An update like this is expected to be free. If it is not, I will just stick with the version I have until my year is up, and then definitely go with a different service that is more customer friendly.

Hi Timothy, you don’t have to pay for the updated version. Everyone that has a subscription can get all updates for free. All you need to do is download the latest version of ManyCam and log in with your account.

Hi Tim, simply download the free version of ManyCam here: and once you install it, go to settings and log in to your account. If your subscription doesn’t show up, click on settings once more, go to subscriptions and click to activate it.

Hi Tamara, right now you can get up to 30% OFF, here are the prices:

Hi Richard, you don’t have to pay for the update. Everyone that has a subscription can get all updates for free. Download the free version of ManyCam here: and once you install it, go to settings and log in to your account. If your subscription doesn’t show up, click on settings once more, go to subscriptions and click to activate it.

Hi Jami, thanks for the feedback. It’s still an experimental feature but we have seen improvement with many users. If you would be willing to email , we would be have to investigate if there is anything we can do to improve your CPU usage.

Hi Edie, thanks for sending your requests. We are working on updates for Windows as well and there were some in the past few months. Make sure you have the latest version ( ) and we will let you know when a new update is available.