Removing the ManyCam Logo

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how to remove the logo from your video window. ManyCam is free so you don’t have to pay money to remove our logo.

To remove the ManyCam logo open ManyCam, then look for the “Text over video” category on the left side of the application window. Now click “Text over video” and in the middle of the window you’ll see “Show Logo”. Uncheck that box and our logo will disappear.

Now nobody knows you are using ManyCam for all your cool effects, but we hope you’ll tell them!


Update: As of 2013 the Mac version now requires Pro activation to remove the watermark. 

41 Responses to “Removing the ManyCam Logo”

  1. d0d0 says:

    Thanks. This helped me. I am techu but could never spot how to remove tht logo. Finally with ur help its off. Thanks a ton.

  2. User says:

    Thank you for this

  3. Awesome says:

    You guys are so awesome for letting us be able to remove the watermark. :)

  4. newscene says:

    Thanks guys. Incredible how u can have such a fantastic product totally free of charge and adds.
    it solved all my problems with cams.

  5. Jennifer says:

    You are awesome!!! Great product totaly free? I hope you be next Bill Gates!!! BTW… can configure the round lens effect not so hard? Only a little, to copy fish eye lenses effect, understand? If the lens effects would be configurable would be awesome!

  6. AleCX says:


  7. :-p says:

    awesome product, sooo cool

  8. 2Zong says:

    YOU ARE SUPERB!!!!!!!!~ Your product is very cool! But I wish to know if I can watch the preview in a bigger size while I’m sharing my video to my friends? Because we like to watch movies together but the problem is the window preview is kinda small, if this program can be a little bigger,it would be the best webcam broadcasting software!!!!!!!

  9. squidgy says:

    Unfortunately not available for the Mac version.
    And couldn´t find possibility to remove manycam from skype (deinstalling).
    Not really user friendly.

  10. Jonoton says:

    Is it possible to include the remove logo function available on the mac version of this software … next upgrade perhaps? Other than that, the application is awesome, thanks.

  11. Phil - Sydney Australia says:

    I love you!
    Thanks for all your hard work and effort.
    Will definitely tell everyone about you!!!!!!

  12. heroes08 says:

    thank you very much for allowing users to remove the logo…

  13. Waynerod says:

    Awesome! Thanks for letting us do that! And For FREE!!!

    I love the program! Especially the snow and the eyes!

  14. Sam says:


    You’re the best!!

    Simply the best WebCam application!!


  15. John says:

    Yes, a mac version would be awesome!

  16. tim says:

    Hey thank you very much, you guys are the best!

  17. khilllerr says:

    hey guys, this really helped heaps…many cam is really quite amazing. I just wanted to say, would it be possible to upgrade the site so it shows more than 9 downloads on a single page, and also if the links to the next page could be a little larger i’m sure that it would be more convenient and received with enthusiasm.

    once again, thanks :)

  18. caguin says:

    awesome product, thank you!

  19. Axl says:

    If there a way to start with certain settings… for example… using a certain video source… certain effects… manycam logo removed… by default may be launch manycam with an xml file with settings…??

    Let me know please…

    Thank you…

  20. moni says:

    Thank you, this is best webcam application I ever seen :) Magnificent :)

  21. JK says:

    Thank you somuch

  22. manymany says:

    Why don’t I see this in the PSX 1.0.41 version?

  23. Dan Webb says:

    Same problem here, manymany.

  24. Anon says:

    This doesn’t work for MAC OX ?:9

  25. viksra says:

    I googled “remove manycam logo” and to my delight, your page came up as the first result… which is awesome because you’re the people who made the product. I like how you’re not being evil and forcing us to advertise your website. Now just because of that, since I am the “go-to” person for my friends whenever they have computer questions, I will be telling them about your free cam software and spreading the word. Keep up the great work.

  26. charlie says:

    im having a problem with manyca, 2.3 im trying to go on webcam with my mates on msn and its not letting me the logo is there and also it goes black and my mates can’t see me please can you help becuase i have no idea how too doo it.

  27. Seamanstaines says:

    Great software guys, thanks for the good work.

  28. Josh says:

    I see that there are ways to remove the logo on a PC but there doesn’t appear to be a way to do this on a mac. Has anyone found a way to remove the logo on a mac?

  29. Anon says:

    Yea how do i do this on mac, since i see there is no option to uncheck it

  30. Anon says:

    Derp, its right at top of effects

  31. Liam says:


    Liam :)

  32. Joic says:

    Wow not much love for Mac users as you can’t even do this on them.

  33. admin says:


    It’s exactly the same as the Windows version so I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

  34. admin says:


    With the Mac go to “Effects” then look at the top where it says “Show Logo” and uncheck it.

  35. admin says:

    Joic, Top Left of the window.

  36. Nici says:

    Wau thx for that answer :D (So stupid simple ^^)

  37. mrkaves says:

    You guys rule!!!

  38. Cat121 says:

    Waw, really a good job !
    A free software without any text, i thought it was not possible.

    I wont forget to tell them i’m using manycam, i’ll even do my best to share it.

  39. Link17 says:

    Holy Maria… you guys are the best on tha web… free software WITHOUT watermark… this is almost unbeliveable…

    thx a lot… I’ll tell ma folks bout you FOR SURE

  40. Alex says:

    thank u soooooooo much..
    never got a product sooooo great..
    plus free..
    i’ll tell all my fren bout u guys..