Spring Promotion!

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Spring is here! And at ManyCam, we thought we would celebrate by offering amazing promotions!

Save up to 40% off the regular price by going to our website.

Upgrading will allow you to unlock extra features and bring your web streaming broadcasts to a whole new level.

Take advantage of these offers before they’re gone!
Wishing you a bright and happy Spring!

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2 Responses

Best product for Webcam software. We also have additional +25% OFF coupon.

Triggered 1 year ago

What goes on in your heads. I’ve been waiting for a mac update forever and now I have to subscribe! Why would i buy a product that has such a slow customer service? Bugs in nearly every update and snail-speed coders. Product that does not at all achieve effectiveness and satisfaction. And then there’s the fact that you offer Microsoft users better service with more frequent updates and even more features in the application.
Id be very interested to hear what “Various bug fixes and improvements.” have been added cause everything looks exactly as it did from last update. Except for the fact that now my perfectly good activation code does not work.